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For the Rebel that isn’t afraid of anything. For the scaredy cat who checks if the coast is clear before they take action. For the big guys and the small ones. For the more active and for the more lazy cat. And of course for the Kings & Queens – that rather don’t want to get dirty but have their beauty sleep in a chic basket.

Place cat trees in your living room with 3D!

Choosing a cat tree is a difficult job. That is why we thought of something new: Petrebels 3D. With this you can place all of our cat trees virtually in your home.

How does it work? On your phone, go to any of our products and click on the button ‘View product in 3D’. Then, click the button ‘See in Augmented Reality’.


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Cats are great. Because say it yourself: what’s not to like? They are beautiful, funny, sweet and stubborn. Do you agree? Then read on, because here we tell you everything about their behaviour, care, breeds and what they need to be healthy and happy. And every month, we feature an interview with a real cat owner in Cat Talk.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Petrebels special?

  • Do you make and design all the products yourself?

  • What is sisal rope and why is the quality of it so important?

  • Is the quality of plush also important?

  • Do you glue the sisal and the plush?

  • Why is a thick bottom plate important?

  • Is the height of a cat tree important?

  • Do you sell spare parts?

  • Can I follow my order?

  • How difficult is it to assemble a Petrebels cat tree?

  • What’s that dog doing on your packaging and logo?

Quickly find the right cat tree

Are you looking for something nice for your cat – like a scratching post, cat furniture or a nice sleeping place? Then stop looking, because you’ll find everything you need with us.

Our scratching posts are among the very best. We dare to say that because we design everything ourselves and in our own way. Therefore, all our products are very strong and stable. And they last much longer than other types.

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