1. For  “REBELS” (shops)

Petrebels works in every country through Dealers (wholesalers) who supply stores through their warehouse. What does this mean to you? When you buy Petrebels through a dealer you have the possibility to become a REBEL. This means, among other things, that PETREBELS will mention you on the website. You, as Rebel, always have the opportunity to be the first to receive the latest models. You remain up-to-date and always refresh your product range in this way. You remain attractive to your customers.

Petrebels will start starting with POS materials, such as brochures, clothing, goodie bags.

Below you can find a number of questions and answers:

  1. How do you become a REBEL? You are a Rebel when you show at least 6 different models, non-stop, in your store throughout the year. You will also be listed as Rebel on our website
  2. I want to sell Petrebels! We think that’s great to hear! Send an email with your details to sales@petrebels.com
  3. Can you Dropship? Yes, we can send for you. You can request the conditions by sales@petrebels.com
  4. Do you have a warehouse? We also have a warehouse in the Netherlands from which we can also deliver.
  5. Can I buy directly from the factory? Of course this is possible. This can be done in consultation with the dealer of your country. You can buy directly from our factory on FOB-base. More information sales@petrebels.com.
  6. Who is my contact person? We have several people in our B2B team. For Northern Europe, Asia and the USA, please contact Dennis Steenbakkers dennis@petrebels.com, for South Europe, South America and Africa please contact detlef@petrebels.com
  7. Can we find you on trade shows? Petrebels attends at professional trade fairs worldwide. The next fair where Petrebels will be shown:

2. For dealers (wholesale-distributors)

Petrebels currently works on several continents but is always looking for new DEALERS. Are you interested to represent PETREBELS and if you want to know if this is possible in your country please mail to sales@petrebels.com.

As a DEALER you have several advantages to working with Petrebels. This way you will always get the latest trends. We offer an A to Z service, this means that we offer product and sales support to your staff. We ensure that you are always in possession of POS materials. And are willing to think along with you to make Petrebels more successful in your country.

Dealers have the option to order FOB / CIF. We are also provided with a warehouse where, for you, we will act as a back-up.


3. Petrebels & Partners

By working together with companies that share our goals, PETREBELS has seen significant opportunities to encourage positive change in the market. We have pretty interesting ideas for the pet industry. However, we are looking for a few partners for this. When you, as a partner, work with Petrebels, you can enrich your company by having a solid teammate.

Some advantages of working with PETREBELS:

1. Creativity
Petrebels is unique and creative. We can also be this for you. ODM & OEM are our specialties. There is always a solution for you.

2. Innovation
Petrebels has its own design department. Every day people work on the latest trends here. If you would like a new product but have no idea what … contact us and we will look at a solution together.

3. Knowledge
More than 20 years of experience in the field of purchasing. Petrebels knows the way in the Far East and has gained a lot of expertise when it comes to finding the right suppliers. To be able to determine the right prices. Furthermore, Petrebels is very well aware of realistic MOQ, prices and possibilities.

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