Small Cat Tree

Small but nice, that’s how you can safely call our small cat trees – because they are all very soft and very beautiful. These cat trees and cat furniture offer plenty of opportunities to scratch, play and of course to snore extensively.

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Looking for a small cat tree for your kitten?

Then you’ve come to the right place! We design our scratching posts and cat furniture all by ourselves and take into account the needs of every cat – even the smallest. A kitten needs security, softness and a safe environment. That’s why all of our little scratching posts are made with the softest plush and each product is super safe for every little Rebel. Our logs are made from sisal rope. This is strong material which the Rebels will not easily scratch to pieces. The logs are available in different thicknesses.

The advantage of small cat trees

A big advantage about these small cat tree is that they don’t take up a lot of space and are therefore easy to store. The Petrebels scratching posts are compact and made for each cat breed. Despite the size of the cat trees they are sturdy and stable.

Need help?

Are you a proud owner of large or multiple cats? Take a look at our XXL cat trees. Characteristic for Petrebels cat trees is that they are not only beautiful, but also sturdy and stable. We find this the most important points of both small and large cat trees.

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