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Cats are king!

Hey! We are Petrebels - a fun and self-willed pet brand with an important mission: to make cats all over the world happy. Therefore we made a cat tree collection that fits with each race or character.

A cat tree for every kind of cat

Each cat is different - some prefer snoring all day and others climb high to keep an eye on the world below them. Of course there are also cats who just really enjoy terrorising the neighborhood… But they all enjoy a nice stretch or scratch. Thus, a safe and stable cat tree is indispensable in your home.

Wonder where our inspiration comes from? Our own cat Freddie: a stubborn, badass fluff ball who loves “his” humans. A real Rebel!

Do you also want such a cool cat tree for your cat?

This can be quickly arranged because we deliver our cat trees all over the world. You can find them in our webshop, but also at other pet stores

Unleash the rebel inside...


Why a cat tree from Petrebels?
Sustainable and responsible
Our cat trees are all made according to the latest environmental laws and requirements, they are produced in fabrics that wield a sustainable policy - the wood that is used is responsible, the plush has the best quality and each seperate part is glued securely. These factors insure that our cat trees will last up to 30% longer than others.
Quality, service and guarantee
We are proud of our products and stand for the very best quality. Thus we always provide manufacturer’s warranty. If there is anything that is not to your liking, we would love to help you. Good service is very important to us because cats are always king!
The safety of your cat is our top priority - your cat should be able to scratch, sleep an play carefree. Therefore our cat furniture is always free of toxins or harmful materials. Also the extra thick bottom plates make them super strong and stable.

The perfect cat tree for every cat

Cats…You’ve got to love them! They are kind, fun and stubborn. But every cat is different and thus has different needs. We understand this and therefore designed a perfect cat tree for every character.

What character fits best with your cat?
The lazy Rebel
Cats sleep up to 16 hours a day and do this with full commitment: lots of stretching and shameless yawning... Mhmm, delicious. The lazy Rebel masters this trait like no other and prefers to leave the running and playing to someone else. He/she is able to lie down anywhere to thake their well-deserved nap, but they prefer a nice and soft hammock or basket.
The scratching Rebel
Cats naturally have the need to sharpen their nails. This way they mark their territory, it also makes them relaxed and happy. The scratching Rebel will never stop when it comes to this. Transform your house into a “scratching paradise” for this Rebel and supply it with one or several good cat trees.
The outdoor Rebel
Outdoor cats love adventure and their freedom. They often hide in bushes to keep an eye on their surroundings. They can entertain themselves for hours with bugs flying around, they might even take home a real mouse for you! The outdoor Rebel will come home to cuddle with its owner and to eat peacefully. He/she would appreciate it if there is a nice spot in your house to rest before his/her next adventure.
The indoor Rebel
Some cats prefer staying inside, this can also be a decision made by the owner. Indoor Rebels enjoy watching the outside world - and everything exciting that happens there. You can make these cats happy by making the indoor world just as exciting as the outdoor world. Stimulate their senses and instinct with toys and cat furniture in which they can climb, this way they remain healthy and happy.
Latest news
New film shoot
Last weekend it was time again. Time to make new photos and films with Mr. Rebel. We filmed for 2 days in 2 abandoned factory buildings in Veghel. Besides a lot of fun and laughter, it was again a huge challenge to make a cool film with 12 cats. Did we succeed?
New! Ragdoll 230, for big or active Rebels
This gigantic cat furniture is ideal for big cats and households that have more than one cat. It is the biggest in our whole product range! Active cats can also indulge themselves with the Ragdoll 230 because it provides them with a lot of space to scratch, climb and ofcourse relax. This 105 kg eyecatcher can take a beating, the stems are 20 cm thick which makes it super strong and stable.
Our latest brochure
In our newest brochure you will find all the information you need on our gorgeous collection. This way you are guaranteed to make the right choice for yout Rebel. Do you have any questions? Please contact us

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With a slight sense of recognition, the indoor hunter looks outside through the window. He or she wants to go out but cannot. But, it can also be very adventurous inside the house. With some great toys and a provocative scratching post within reach, the indoor hunter likes to release his instincts. Oh, by the way, a power nap will be sufficient to recover.

The outdoor hunter does not want to miss out on any adventure. His or her action mode is action mode is always on stand by. The outdoor hunter strikes out every day and every night. Home is just a place to relax, eat and get some attention. When the battery is recharged. the next adventure will be waiting.

This is not your average cat you can deal with without putting velvet gloves on. He or she sharpens their nails all day long. Scratching is a party for this animal. He or she would preferably do it the whole day and regularly stretches horizontally and vertically. Meowww.

This sleeping beauty can be called lazy rather tan tired. (S)he loves to crawl up and against anything and to cuddle a lot. Without all of this (s)he will shamelessly stretch out and settle anywhere. Its biggest hobby is sleeping of course. Sweet dreams…