Scratching barrel cat

Scratching barrels become more popular

Nowadays scratching barrels become more and more popular, and are ideal for almost every cat. They’re relatively small and provide a nice view of your living room. It’s very important the closely check the diameter and weight of a Scratching Barrel. You don’t want the barrel to fall over, of course. That’s why Petrebels scratching barrels have a 4 cm bottom- and top plate and a 55 cm diameter. This makes the scratching barrel not only heavy weighted, and therefore extremely stable but also very firm. Your precious can jump and scratch all she wants on the Petrebels scratching barrels.

Check the scratching barrels of Petrebels

At Petrebels you can order a Scratching barrel with a diameter of 45 cm or a Scratching barrel XXL with a diameter of 55 cm. The scratching barrels are equipped with different levels and places to sleep and cuddle. From the top of the Scratching barrel, your cat keeps an eye on everything, he can retreat for a moment and he can play and scratch to his heart’s content. The scratch area of the Scratching barrel is large enough to scratch and stretch completely. Every Scratching barrel in our range is made of wood from sustainable forest management and a robust, natural sisal carpet. Fluffy plush and the color of your choice also make the Scratching barrels visually a real hit. In addition, every Scratching barrel in our range is equipped with a 4 cm thick base plate, which ensures safety and stability. So that your cat can play happily and safely on the scratching bar.

Scratching barrels in all shapes and sizes

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