Welcome to the page of Petrebels Charity.

For some time now we try to help as many cat homes, shelters, stray cat organizations and cat hotels as possible in their need for scratching posts. We try to donate as many free scratch posts as possible to organizations in need. We do this because it gives us a nice feeling and because we know that these organisations hardly receive any subsidy and have to do everything with love and donations.

The last time we posted a message on Facebook saying that hooded houses etc. could come and collect free models from us. We do understand that when something is given away for free, people react quickly…but within 12 hours more than 1000 emails shocked us. Not so much because of the sweet and enthusiastic emails but more because of the amount of organisations that need help so badly.

That is why we decided to create something extra for this large group of people; PETREBELS CHARITY.

What is the intention?

We would like to find out who is in need of scratching posts and/or cat litter. And we will approach you all in this way. We will donate scratching posts, donate Dirty Rebels cat litter but we will also offer fixed discounts which will make it a little easier for you to buy/replace things.

Maine Coon 200 free of charge worth 1599,- euro?

We would like to give you the opportunity to get acquainted with the Maine Coon 200 … the flagship of Petrebels. This model can house 25 cats so we think this is a super model for you!

4x a pallet of Dirty Rebels worth 729,- euro per pallet

We have recently launched Dirty Rebels, a new cat litter made from magnesium benotonit. For the lovers and interested ones we will make special charity discount prices for this cat litter in the future. In this way we can also support and help you.

We think that we have an extremely economical, super clumping cat litter, but, we can tell you, you better try it yourself. Therefore, we are currently making 4 pallets of Dirty Rebels available. Per pallet you will get 12x Fresh Garden, 12x White Lotus, 12x Babypowder and 18x Unscented.

Fill in the list below and we will announce the winners by email and Facebook a.s.a.p.

PS: Consumers are excluded for Petrebels Charity. We check and call the organisations.

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