High scratching post

Most cats like high scratching posts and that has its reasons. At the top of a high scratching post, just below the ceiling and unreachable for you, your cat will enjoy her viewing platform: here she cleans herself, watches everything, and maybe even sleeps. Are you looking for a high scratching post, then choose the models from the Lucky Bastard collection such as Skyline, Cityview or Panorama.

Where do you place a high scratching post in your home?

The higher the scratching post, the more space your cat has for playing, scratching and romping. In addition to playing pleasure, this also promotes the intelligence and motor skills of your cat and therefore keeps your cat healthy and happy. You will never be surprised when you see your Rebel relax in a hammock at a height of 1.5 meters.

If you look closely, cats almost always walk from the kitchen to the living room in the same way. This is an ‘invisible’ road that you can use. You should, of course, place your scratching post in a place where you find it the most beautiful. If your Rebel is not immediately enthusiastic, place it in the ‘walking direction’ of your cat. Often not practical or beautiful, but do this for 2-3 days and you will see that your cat will scratch. Once this has happened, place your scratching post again where you want it.

Tip: if the cat scratching post is so high that it almost or all the way up to your ceiling, you better build it with two people!

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