Design cat trees for beautiful cats and their owners

If you have a cat in the house – or maybe more than one – you need a cat tree. Because cats need to be able to scratch, climb and play every day. Also when they go outside. But of course your interior is also important, so cat furniture should perfectly match your interior.

Therefore, our cat trees are not only durable and super stable. But also beautiful. Our collection of designer cat trees is designed by our own in-house design team, because they know what is hip and beautiful. And we also took into account everyone’s budget. So you can make it as crazy as you want. And would you like advice from our experts?

Especially large cats and breeds like a Ragdoll or Maine Coon need a nice designer cat trees. These cat trees are always strong and stable. More information about our cat tree? Call or email our customer service.

Our collection of super sturdy design cat trees

Plush design scratching post from Petrebels – for the cat of today and tomorrow

Anyone who has one or more cats at home knows that nothing works without a scratching post. No matter if it is an outdoor cat or a house cat, there must be an opportunity to claw and blow off steam at home. But often the quality of the scratching posts is poor and they are usually not very nice to look at. Petrebels has made it its business to develop a designer cat tree that is not only destined against the pets’ claws, but is also really an eye-catcher.

Petrebels – Quality is written here in big letters

One of the most important things is quality. Every cat owner has probably experienced it: wobbly logs or loose sisal ropes hanging from the scratching post. With purebred cats like Bengals, Ragdolls, Mains Coons or Forest Cats, this can happen quickly, even with reasonable quality scratch posts. The designer cat tree from Petrebels has strong trunks and robust natural sisal. Moreover, attention has been paid to the overall stability, as the scratching posts are constructed in such a way that a loose trunk is almost impossible. To ensure that cats are comfortable, the scratching post and lying areas are lined with cozy plush.

It’s the design that counts!

We can already put a checkmark on the quality. But what about the design? All scratching posts are individually designed and offer just the right thing for every cat. Cuddly dens, large lying areas to cuddle for hours and perfectly placed trunks to swing and jump around. Dark sisal combined with fabrics in soft grey or soft cream/beige cappuccino, off white or pepper are contemporary and guaranteed to fit into any living room or bedroom. But also pay attention to the details, because even the finest details are taken care of here. For example, the cushions are remarkably quilted and the cozy hammock hangs from decorative and sturdy ropes with carabiners. You can already see that the ladies and gentlemen of Petrebels have pulled real design pieces out of the hat here. The color change between plush and colored sisal is perfect and is designed to always be a feast for the eyes. Gone are the days of ugly brown tones and the constant sucking away of plush leftovers, because now Petrebels scratching posts are on the rise!

An elegant scratch post in gray – designed for large and heavy cats

Large and heavy cats have special requirements for a scratching post. On the one hand, they need to have enough space, on the other hand, they need to be stable and able to withstand a high load. At Petrebels you will find a large and varied range of scratch posts for your large and heavy cat. You can decide whether the scratching post should be gray, beige, cappuccino, off white or pepper. Just like the way that suits you and your pet best.

Designed for large and heavy cats

Among the large and heavy cats, which are also becoming increasingly popular with us, are, for example, the American Ragdoll or the Main coon. For these animals we have equipped our scratching posts with a particularly high-quality bonded plush and additional bonded natural sisal. ABS plastic and cast-in threads give the whole a particularly high level of stability. This means you don’t have to worry about the cat tree breaking down while playing and romping. The extra thick base plate ensures that the cat tree is always firmly planted on the ground. Your cat will also love that it can sharpen its claws on the up to 8 mm thick sisal ropes. A cat scratching post in gray, a particularly elegant shade, is also a great eye-catcher for your home and forms a visual embellishment for any room.

Only the best quality for your pet

A cat scratching furniture in grey, cappuccino, cream, off white, pepper leaves nothing to be desired for cat owners and their pets. Thanks to our large and varied selection, you can choose at will and select the right scratching post to suit your needs and the needs of your cat. The stem diameter of our scratching posts for large and heavy cats is 12, 15 or 20cm. This gives support and stability. Also in the choice of the materials used we attach great importance to quality. Therefore, we only use wood from sustainable forestry and sisal from natural materials. Our plush makes the scratching post particularly cozy. Your cat will love to cuddle there. The plush is available in different colors.

We know what cats want

Quality and safety play a special role for us. Especially if you have a large and heavy cat, this should also be important to you. With a cat tree in grey, cream, cappuccino, off white or pepper from Petrebels you have made a good choice. Now you just have to choose the right model. And here you have plenty of choice. How about the Little Rock 99 grey for example?  It stands like a rock in the surf and can withstand any load. You will also like the Villa 150 grey. It is compact and yet offers numerous possibilities for your four-legged friend to let off steam and rest. Also check out the Scratch Corner 57 grey. Your cat will love this scratching board.

Scratch Post in grey favorable buy online

Looking for a new scratching post for your cat is especially fun in our online shop. Our varied selection makes the hearts of all cat owners beat faster. If we can help you with your choice or if you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer all your questions and concerns individually, so you can find the perfect scratching post for your cat.

Last but not least, the price – can I afford a designer scratching post at all?

Believe it or not, the price/performance ratio of a Petrebels designer scratching post is more than acceptable. This may sound a little strange, but every cat owner knows the prices, including those of the suppliers of exceptionally sturdy scratching posts, but unfortunately you have to decide – pay rent or buy a scratching post? For daily use and longevity, however, you don’t have to pet your landlord for a rent payment, because at Petrebels you can get the designer scratching post at an affordable price. Even the luxury models or extremely stable and large cat tree for purebred cats like Maine Coon or Ragdolls are in the lower triple-digit segment. You can almost afford a second one, because they both last longer!

If you’re already convinced, here’s another benefit: there’s even attention paid to the photos, description and details of the items. Exact dimensions and pictures of the scratching post and a detailed description help the cat owner to choose exactly the right design of the scratching post, which will fit the cat and the interior one hundred percent. Browse through the wide range of scratch posts full of designs and find the one that makes your cat’s heart beat faster!

And now we wish you lots of fun while browsing and discovering!

Large selection of cat furniture and scratching posts in all shapes and sizes. Petrebels offers a wide range of cat furniture and scratching posts in all shapes and sizes. Choose the right category here

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