XXL Cat trees for big cats

Of course it is very important to us that your cat can play safely on an XXL cat tree. An XXL cat tree should never fall over, therefore we attach great importance to stability and firmness in a Maine Coon cat tree. That is why the bottom plates are extra thick to guarantee stability. The cat tree is large and the ideal cat tree for a Maine Coon, but also for other large cats like Ragdolls or Norwegian Forest Cats. Please read further in our webshop for more information


The perfect cat tree is a big one – XXL cat tree

The best scratching furniture for a Maine coon or Ragdoll, among others, to scratch on should be a tall XXL scratching post. You and your pet will love our XXL scratching posts. The cat scratching post for heavy cats is made from sustainable and natural materials. What’s more, the tough yet soft plush on the scratching post means many lazy hours for your Main Coon at her new favourite spot. The plush comes in several colours. You can choose the colour from, among others, soft cream, soft cappuccino, soft grey, pepper en off white. The cat tree in XXL size is glued together firmly, and your cat will enjoy it very much. Sisal helps persuade your cat to sharpen her nails properly. This Sisal is glued on extra firmly, and is totally robust. We understand exactly what cats want, and this is why you can count on great quality from this scratching post intended for large and heavy cats. Natural sisal has a diameter of 6.0 mm. The post diameter is 12, 15 or 20 cm across, so these Petrebels scratching posts also have the required stability.

Is this XXL scratching post suitable for your cat? Lucky Bastards – big and awesome

We are happy to help if you have any questions. We create an amazing new play, relaxation and feel-good zone for your cat.
Do you want to make sure your cat really does have everything she needs? Then this scratching post is perfect for big cats. It is intended for indoor use, is extremely stable and uses sustainable materials.  Once delivered, you just have to put the cat tree together. This cat tree is tall enough for cats which are bigger than your average house cat, and therefore perfect for Maine Coon, Ragdolls, Norwegian Forest and other large cats.

XXL Cat tree for cats with weight

Large and heavy cat breeds really feel comfortable on the scratching post designed especially for them. Our scratching posts for large and heavy cats, such as the Maine Coon, the American Ragdoll or the Norwegian Forest Cat, have extra space and a particularly high stability. The sturdy scratching post offers enough space for the cat to retreat, including a viewing platform. The sturdy design of our cat furniture ensures safety while climbing, scratching and dozing.

Best materials & extra stability

Petrebels offers a very wide range of high quality scratch posts for big cat breeds. The special quality of our scratching posts for heavy cats is achieved by the very carefully glued plush (600 grams) and the extra glued natural sisal on the scratching posts. The house cat can come, romp and scratch!

Stable – the strong base plate on the scratching post

The trunks of our scratching posts are partially made of wood or ABS plastic, threaded and trimmed all around for safety. The bonding ensures that all materials remain firmly in place, even during the challenging play and scratching activities of the extra-large cat. Extra thick sisal rope with a diameter of up to 8 millimetres keeps the serious rebel happy.

On the extra thick bottom plate, the cat tree remains stable and upright: it stands like an oak!

Lucky Bastards – the first choice for heavy cats

Even the Maine Coon cat is impressed by the Lucky Bastards collection. As a larger cat, he also needs a sturdy cat scratching post. The Lucky Bastards cat tree fits perfectly to your Maine Coon cat and other large breeds. The Lucky Bastards XXL scratching post is fully adapted to the requirements and challenges of large cats. For all Main Coon specimens and other large cats of similar size, the Lucky Bastards cat tree collection is the ideal choice. But also if you have several cats living with you, a cat tree for big cats is ideal.

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