Do you want to buy a scratching post, but you don’t know which one?

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It is not wise to just buy a cat tree without research. Then there is a good chance that your cat will never use it and that is a waste of your money. And probably your furniture. Not sure what to pay attention to? This is the right place for you, because we are here to help you. In this blog we tell you everything you need to know about scratching posts.

Scratching post checklist

Every cat needs a place in the house to scratch, sleep and play. And with a scratching post or scratching furniture you have arranged that in one go. But every cat is different and has different needs – and therefore needs a different type of scratching post.

With this checklist you will soon know exactly which scratching post your cat needs. And we’ve made it easy for you with a super handy mnemonic:



There are more than fifty different cat breeds and they all have their own characteristics. For example, a Maine Coon, Ragdoll and Norwegian Forest Cat are larger and heavier than an average house cat. They therefore need a large and stable scratching post – a scratching furniture with a thick base plate, reinforced hammocks, XL relax baskets and extra thick and high scratching trunks. And with a smaller and lighter variety, you can safely opt for a scratching furniture with less thick trunks and smaller baskets.



Just like humans, cats have different energy levels. One cat is active while the other prefers to take things easy. So take a good look at what your cat needs. Is your cat active? Then provide scratching furniture where he can climb, play and scratch on. And a less active cat you do a great favor with a simple scratching post with many nice places to sleep.


Big or small

It’s super important to watch your cat’s height. Cats not only scratch to maintain their nails, but also to be able to stretch themselves. And of course that does not work with a pole with a scratching tree that is too low. Therefore measure your cat: when it is nice and lazy and stretched on its side, from front legs to hind legs. That is the minimum length that your new scratching post must have.


Excitable or calm

Every cat needs a place where it can be alone and rest for a while. Do you have a busy household with children or do you have more than one cat in the house? Then you have to provide safe and quiet places in the house. A scratching post with hammocks and high hiding places is then ideal. Or is your cat social and preferably close to you? Then place a smaller scratching post with hammocks or sleeping places in your living room.



The age of your cat also plays an important role in the purchase of a scratching tree. A kitten, for example, is still busy discovering its new world, but it is of course very small and vulnerable. So for such a little one, look for a not-too-high scratching post that is soft enough to take a nap too. But older cats also like to scratch. It is important for them that they can easily reach everything. They need an easily accessible scratching tree and place to sleep, preferably with a handy ladder.


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