These scratching posts are ideal for large cats and cat breeds

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Cat trees for big cats are ideal for a Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Norwegian Forest Cat, Savannah or any other large cat. Because these cats need a scratching post that suits their size. Here we explain why and what to look out for.

Cats like to scratch things because it makes them feel happy and relaxed. A cat tree in the house is therefore a necessity. You probably knew that already. But do you know that not every cat tree is suitable for your type of cat? And do you know why? We explain it here.

Large cats and pedigree cats need a different kind of scratching post than a smaller cat. This is because they are taller and heavier. Therefore, they need a scratching post that can bear their weight, is stable and made of extra strong materials.

video – Turnpike 200:

The Petrebels Turnpike 200

Petrebels makes scratch posts especially for big and heavy cats

Our design team knows exactly what cats need and designs scratching posts and scratching furniture that seamlessly fit the needs of big cats and cat breeds. But what are those needs? And why are our scratching posts so ideal for large (pedigree) cats? We tell you about that below.

This is the Petrebels Ragdoll 200

1. Scratching & climbing

Besides food, drink and good care, cats need a place to scratch. By scratching they take care of their nails, keep their muscles flexible and mark their territory. Large cats and pedigree cats are bigger and heavier and therefore require extra care. That is why our XXL scratching posts always have:

  • Extra high and thick scratch logs
  • Minimum 6.0 mm thick and bonded sisal for a long lifespan
  • Super strong 500- or 600-gram plush of the best (and softest) quality

The Petrebels Savannah 200

2. Playing & discovering

A bored cat is an unhappy cat. But how do you prevent your cat from getting bored? Well, that’s easy: play with your cat for 15 minutes or so, spread out over the day. This will keep your cat healthy and above all very happy! But it is also nice if your cat can amuse itself with its scratching post. Is your cat heavy or of a large cat breed? Then our XXL scratching posts are perfect, because they have:

  • Large crawl holes, tunnels, play ropes and a Funky Rebels toy (depending on the type of scratching post you choose)
  • Large lying areas where your cat can safely jump and play
  • A large and weighted base of 2 to 5 centimetres so our scratching posts will never fall over

The Petrebels Panorama 188

3. Relaxing & sleeping

Cats sleep a lot, up to 16 hours a day. And they prefer to do that in a place that is soft and safe. A scratching post or scratching furniture with luxurious sleeping houses, nice hammocks and high relaxing baskets is ideal. Since many cat breeds are larger and heavier, it is important that the dimensions and quality of the sleeping and resting areas are appropriate. Our XXL scratching posts are therefore all equipped with:

  • Extra large sleeping houses and lounge baskets
  • Large hammocks made of extra quilted and super strong fabric
  • Many spacious and high sleeping areas so that your cat has a good overview of everything

The Petrebels Maine Coon 200

Buying a scratching post for a large cat or heavy breed of cat

Are you looking for a strong and stable cat tree? Then you are in the right place! Because we guarantee that you will go home with the very best scratching post. And above all: that your Rebel enjoys it very much!

Advice on scratching posts for big cats

Every cat owner wants the best scratching post for their cat. And we can imagine that sometimes it is quite difficult to choose. Can’t work it out or are you in doubt? Call or email our cat tree specialists, because they are there to help you!

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