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Which scratching post suits your cat’s character?

Big cats, kittens, purebreds, lazy cats, hunters, indoor cats – there are lots of different types of cats and they all need a scratching post that suits their character and needs. Find out which scratching post your cat needs here.

With millions of conspecifics, cats are the most beloved pets in the world. Makes sense – we think – because cats are great. The ‘ordinary’ (European Shorthair) is most prevalent. But purebred cats – such as the Maine Coon, Ragdoll, Norwegian Forest Cat and Savannah – are also popular with cat lovers.

Cats have different personalities and needs

All those species and races have different characters. And therefore need a different kind of scratching post. Active cats, for example, need high and thick scratching logs. And big cats to extra-large baskets. While a smaller breeds, kittens or older cats will have enough with a less high scratching post and a nice sleeping place.

Fact: every cat needs a scratching post

But because cats need to scratch something several times a day, every cat needs a scratching post. By scratching they take care of their nails, they mark their territory and by stretching their muscles remain flexible.

A good cat tree makes your cat healthy and happy!

But which scratching post will best suit your cat?

Only when you look closely at your cat’s character will you buy the perfect scratching post for your cat. We understand. And we understand cats. That’s why all of our designs seamlessly match the needs of the four main types of cat characters.

And it works, because all our customers go home with the ideal cat tree.

Do you also want the best scratching post for your cat?

Are you looking for a scratching post that will make your cat really happy? Find out here which character your cat has and which scratching post or scratching furniture suits him or her best.

Is your cat a lazy one?


Sleeping, extensive yawning and stretching. Every cat likes that. But some cats excel at that. They like to play, run and climb once in a while, but preferably not too often. Because they prefer to lounge around all day in a nice soft basket.

These cats need a place to retreat to. Where they can recover from the day and dream about mice and good food.

On these cat trees your Rebel can relax comfortably

Does your cat like to scratch?


Cats need to be able to scratch something every day. But some cats can’t get enough of it! They scratch after a lovely afternoon nap, when they are happy to see you, during playtime and when they come home from a walk around the block. Actually, they always have a reason to scratch.

This kind of cat needs a scratching post that is big and nice and high. And with an extra thick base plate, as it ensures that the scratching post cannot fall over.

On these cat trees your Rebel can scratch how much they want all day.

Is your cat active and prefers to be outside all the time?


Active cats like to be outside – where there is plenty to do. Outside, they keep an eye on the whole neighborhood from behind a bush, climb trees and chase mice and insects. Day or night, a true outdoor cat doesn’t care – it is always ready for a new adventure.

These Rebels come home for a pat on the back and, of course, a bowl of good food. They need scratching furniture where they can retreat for a nap.

These cat trees are ideal for Outdoor Rebels

Does your cat prefer to be inside?


Indoor cats feel most comfortable when they are safe at home. And cozy close to the boss. But they do love to watch what’s going on outside. Falling leaves, insects flying by, and peers. They all find it super interesting!

Indoor cats need a tall scratching post that they can scratch and climb. And a soft place to sleep safely.

These cat trees are paradises for Indoor Rebels

Have you discovered the character of your cat?

Then you now know exactly which scratching post or scratching furniture will make your cat happy. Or are you having a hard time choosing and want advice from a scratching post expert? Call or e-mail us. We are happy to explain everything to you.

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