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Cats are great. Because say it yourself: what’s not to like? They are beautiful, funny, sweet and stubborn. Do you agree? Then read on, because here we tell you everything about their behaviour, care, breeds and what they need to be healthy and happy. And every month, we feature an interview with a real cat owner in Cat Talk.

Munchkins are cute, but are (rightly) banned - Petrebels

Cats are fun. Including the Munchkin with its short legs. But this cat breed suffers every day due to health problems. Read everything you need to know here!

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A controversial nude cat: the unique hairless Sphynx

The Sphynx cat: you either love it or you hate it. Curious about this very unique breed? Then read this blog!

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Russian Blue: the cat with bright green eyes

The cat with Russian Roots. Apart from its Russian roots, this cat breed has many unique characteristics. Read all about it here!

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The Siberian Forest Cat is a friendly, cuddly giant.

The beautiful long coat is not the only special characteristic of the rare Siberian Forest Cat. Want to know more? Read on in our blog!

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The luxurious Ragamuffin

The Ragamuffin is a beautiful medium-to-large cat with a luxurious appearance. We tell you all about it in this blog.

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The cream-coloured Sacred Birman

The Sacred Birman is a very common cat breed in Europe, indeed it is in the top 10 most common cat breeds in the world! Do you want to know more about this breed? Then read on.

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