Ellen about her 6 cats

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Ragdolls, Ragamuffins and regular house cats. Ellen loves all cats. That is why she has six. Each one has its own character – a slacker, a clever one, a very laid-back one, an all-rounder and a quiet enjoyer. And who is that little grunt?

Six cats Ellen. It must be very lively in your house?

Yes, it is very lively in my home! I grew up with a dog and when I went to live on my own, I wanted to have a pet again. But a dog became a bit complicated because I live alone and work irregular hours. Because I wanted a cuddly pet – not a fish or a mouse – I chose a cat.

And it was an instant success! My first cat was Famke, a very sweet black cat. Then came Michael and Jamie and they both lived to a ripe old age. For a while, I thought I didn’t want pets any more. It was all right. But I didn’t keep it up for long. After a few months, I wondered while vacuuming:


And the answer was ‘no’. It did not make me happy at all! I missed liveliness in my home.


And now you have six!

Yes, I started with Robin and Lizzy. The beginning of my club of six. It’s wonderful to have all these lovely animals in the house – they give so much love and are always near me.

Before going to bed, for example, everyone is waiting beside my bed. I have taught the cats that they then get a treat. And that is now a fixed ritual. So fun!

And when I get up in the morning, all the cats are back in my bedroom. Then we all go to the kitchen and I give them some wet food. This is followed by a thorough washing and a short walk outside. Until I go to work, because then I think they mainly sleep.

When I come home, the whole cat club is at the front door. Then they give me a quick hug because they want to go outside as soon as possible – to play and romp in my enclosed garden.


An enclosed garden? Did you do that especially for your cats?

I live on Goeree Overflakkee in a terraced house with a lovely garden. I wanted the latter, because it is important to me that my cats can go outside. But then it has to be safe. So my father made a fence for me from brackets and mole netting. That looks very neat. And this way I know for sure that my cats are not taken by someone.

What kind of breed are your cats?

Robin (5) is a mix. His mother was a Ragdoll-Norwegian Forest Cat crossbreed and his father a big cat from next door. That is why he is such a big boy. Lizzy (5) is a real housecat. Amber (4), Milan (3), and Bella (4 months) are Ragdolls and Sarah (1) is a Ragamuffin – Ragdoll cross.

Lots of Ragdolls. Why do you like that breed?

I love all my cats, don’t get me wrong. But I have really fallen in love with the character of Ragdolls. They have a gentle nature, a wonderful fluffy fur and like to cuddle.

And they always seem to remain a little kitten in their behaviour – they are curious and can play wonderfully. Alone or with their housemates. Ragdolls are very human-oriented but they all have their own character.


How nice, tell us about it!

Lizzy is very clever. She understands very quickly how things work. For example, she was the first of the six to solve the cat puzzle. And she likes to be on her own. Just like Sarah. She is a quiet enjoyer who sometimes comes very close, sniffs my face and waits for a cuddle.

Amber is small and calm. She likes to play with hair elastics, but also with the other cats. She often comes to give headbutts and when visitors come, she is the first to greet the guests. Because she is very curious. Milan is a friend of everyone who can do crazy jumps and also loves visitors. He puts his tail over the visitors’ legs when he wants to be stroked on his back.



And finally, Robin. He sometimes runs through my house like a madman, but he is most of all a real slacker. Sleeping is his favourite pastime. But all my cats love to sleep.

Yes, sleeping is a cat thing. Where do yours prefer to sleep?

My cats prefer to sleep on the cat trees. Because I have quite a few cats, I also have several scratching posts in the house. And that was quite a search. Because I found most scratching posts too big and not nice in colour. Until I found the Petrebels cat trees!

The first one I bought was scratch post Catharina 120. It is made in a beautiful grey colour, is compact and still a favourite with the cats. And because Milan likes to hide, I also wanted a cat tree with little houses and a hammock. That’s why I bought the Charlotte 180 cat tree. It’s a big investment all together, but I’m willing to do that for them. I really love all my kitties.


Tell me, why are they so nice?

My cats always make me laugh with their crazy actions. They are naughty, sociable and very sweet. When one of my cats gives me a hug or a cuddle, it is a real moment of happiness for me!

Ellen lives with 6 cats and needs sturdy cat trees with enough space for all the cats. It is also important to her that the scratching posts save space and match her interior. That is why Ellen chose the Catharina 120 and Charlotte 180 in grey. Because they last a long time, have many sleeping places and the colour grey looks beautiful with her interior.

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