The luxurious Ragamuffin

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Close up of a Ragamuffin

The Ragamuffin is a beautiful medium-to-large cat with a luxurious appearance. It stands out because of its beautiful looks. It is a cat that is good with children and other pets. Wondering if the Ragamuffin is a good option for you? We tell you all about it in this blog.

What is the origin of the Ragamuffin?

In general, the Ragamuffin is a fairly new breed of cat. The Ragamuffin combines with the Ragdoll, Himalayan and the Persian. The Ragdoll was first identified in California in 1960. 30 years later people got the idea to combine the breeds and breed them. With this beautiful combination, the characteristic Ragamuffin was finally born!


This breed has a semi-long to long coat, a real cuddly bear. They are robust cats with a muscular build. The ”heavy-boned stature” characterises rectangular, broadly moving bodies with shoulders and a short neck. The legs are also heavy, they are large and round. They have a beautifully long and luxurious pony tail.


The colours and patterns are very different and can vary. Colours such as blue, brown, white, cream and black are most common. The colours often occur in combinations. The cat comes in two and sometimes even three different colours and patterns. When it comes to the colour, you will not easily recognise this breed. Look therefore rather at the build and the tail.

Ragamuffin in the forest

Character of the Ragamuffin

It is a gentle cat with a loyal and calm character. The cuddly bear is affectionate and loves company. Not only is it a calm cat, the Ragamuffin also likes to play in, for example, a cat tree. The Ragamuffin is not a cat that you leave outside and let do its thing and walk around freely. They see almost no danger in anything and that is exactly why it is dangerous for your cat to be outside alone. If you do want to take your cat outside, try to teach it to walk on a leash. They are intelligent cats and will learn quickly.

In short, they are the ideal housemate as they get on well with everyone.


Because the Ragamuffin is a smart and social cat, it is fairly easy to raise. Do take into account the coat. Try to comb the coat at least once or twice a week. This prevents inflammation and tangles. It is also important to check the eyes, ears and paws every now and then for infections, you can also do this at the vet.

Always provide clean drinking water and a clean litter box with the right amount of cat litter.

Ragamuffin kitten

What is the difference between the Ragamuffin and the Ragdoll?

People often think that the Ragamuffin is the same as the Ragdoll, this is not the case. You can recognise this by the colours of the coat and the body type. But not only in the coat, you can also see the difference in the eyes. The Ragdoll has oval blue ones. And of the Ragamuffin, they are rounder and can have a different colour. Their behaviour is quite similar, they are both very sweet and gentle. Of course no cat is the same and they are all unique.

Diseases and disorders

In general, it is a strong breed with few problems. They can be prone to heart disease and kidney disease. The moment your cat behaves differently, go to the vet. It is wise to go to the vet annually to prevent problems. Of course nutrition plays a part in this, if the food is good and he gets the necessary attention he will live to be about 12 to 18 years old.

Buying a Ragamuffin

The Ragamuffin originally comes from America and this cat breed used to be hard to come by. However, nowadays you can also buy them in the Netherlands. There are several approved breeders in the Netherlands who can make you the proud owner of a Ragamuffin kitten or cat.


Petrebels is not a vet or behaviourist: all content, information and tips on the blog is intented to inspire and inform. Does your cat have complaints or problems? Or do you have doubts about your cat’s health? Always go to the vet or a behaviourist.

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