Is your cat afraid of fireworks?

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Few cats don’t get scared of fireworks. The loud bangs and bright flashes of light feel very threatening to most cats. Logical, because that is very scary when you are so small and do not understand what is going on. Fireworks are just there, we can’t change that. But we can help you with a few useful tips.

With these 7 easy tips, your cat will stay calm during New Years

1 | Start on time

Cats are startled by unexpected loud noises and bangs. That is quite normal – it is in their nature to be alert and careful. But you can teach your cat to handle it better and you can’t start early enough. Do you have a kitten or young cat at home? Then immediately start fireworks training by playing fireworks sounds. You can find a lot on Youtube. Start softly, ramp up the sound slowly and do whatever you normally do in the meantime. You will see your kitten get used to it quickly and become less afraid of it.

2 | Give the right example

Your cat reacts not only to fireworks, but also to you. Therefore, set a good example yourself and pretend that nothing is wrong when you hear a loud bang. Normal routines are soothing to cats, so just keep up with what you were doing. Is your cat shocked? Then leave him alone as much as possible, because then you confirm that there is nothing wrong.

3 | Provide hiding places

Cats like to withdraw, especially if they are afraid of something. Therefore always – and especially with New Year’s Eve – for places where they can hide. For example, open a cupboard and make a nice place for them in it. High scratching posts with soft cat holes are also useful, because they feel safe there and can see everything well.

4 | Keep your cat indoors

The New Year’s Eve boom now starts long before midnight, because fireworks can be set off as early as midday. Therefore, only let your cat outside in the morning and keep it safely inside for the rest of the day.

5 | Make it as pleasant as possible for your cat in the house

All those loud noises and flashes of light are stressful for cats. Therefore close all your windows, doors and curtains, because then your cat will not see the flashes. And the bangs also sound less impressive. And, if possible, stay at home. Because even if your cat is hiding, he or she feels safer around you.

6 | Provide relaxation

Scratching extensively and having fun on a cat tree makes a cat happy and relaxed.  These two things are very important, especially around New Year’s Eve. Start with some new toys a week in advance and play with your cat extra often – throw balls and mice, put down empty cardboard boxes, let your cat run after a feather and play a lot around the scratching post so that your cat can enjoy climbing.

7 | Safe tools against stress

Medicines for fear of fireworks often have unpleasant side effects. So if it’s not really necessary, don’t. You can see if natural aids do something for your cat. For example, you can plug in a dispenser that spreads pheromones that calm cats down. And matatabi sticks and valerian pads also make cats very relaxed.

Most cats always stay a little nervous during New Years, but you will see that these small adjustments help a lot. Then it will not only be a happy New Year for you, but also for your cat!


Petrebels does not consist of veterinarians or behavioral experts: all content, information and tips on this blog are intended to inspire  and inform you. Does your cat have complaints or problems and do you have doubts about your cat’s health? Then always go to the vet or a behavioral expert.

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