Miracles happen in Katshuisch: Koosje can walk again!

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It sometimes seems as if only bad things happen in the world. But a lot of beautiful things happen too! That is why we share this story. About Koosje. Who is overjoyed again after a difficult time thanks to the kind people of Het Katshuisch.

Who does not believe in miracles is not a realist

The board members and volunteers of Het Katshuisch believe in miracles. And that is a good thing. Because that is exactly why they did not hesitate for one second when two students brought kitten Koosje to them.

The students found Koosje on a farm in a litter of kittens. They saw that the kitten was not doing well. The animal had deformed hind legs and could not walk properly. They asked the farmer to help the kitten, but the farmer’s response was laconic: ‘He has to save himself. The students knew immediately that they had to get the kitten out of there, because it would not survive.


They decided to bring the eight-week-old male to Arianne de Jong’s Katshuisch. And she saw it immediately: this animal urgently needs help. The kitten could not stand on its legs and walked on its two hind elbows. They named him Koosje – after a dear acquaintance of the employees – and immediately started looking for help.

Could Koosje be helped?

A vet diagnosed Twisted Legs – an abnormality that is difficult to correct without surgery. So Arianne went looking for a surgeon. She found one who was willing to operate on Koosje when he was eleven months old and grown up. Until then Arianne had to keep Koosje alive.


Because Koosje walked on his elbows, he got – in spite of the beautiful socks with insoles knitted by a neighbour – more and more wounds. And therefore he had to take antibiotics all the time. An animal orthopaedist helped Koosje with braces, but still the wounds would not heal properly.

When Koosje was ten months old, Ariane contacted the surgeon. Things could not go on like this and Koosje really had to be operated on earlier. She made an appointment and Koosje was examined again. But bad news immediately followed: the operation was too complicated and Koosje could not be operated.

But putting Koosje to sleep? That was not an option! The sweetheart enjoyed life far too much

Then Arianne came in contact with specialist Bouvien Brocks. She had great news! She knew a way to heal Koosjes’ wounds within a week, but told us that the animal needed surgery. And she dared to do that operation.

Koosje eventually had several heavy operations and they were all very successful. Almost a year later, Koosje’s legs were completely straight again and he could walk on all four of his feet. Now Koosje is hopping around happy and healthy again in Het Katshuisch. And he may stay there forever. Luckily, because everyone loves this tough and courageous boy!

So you see, miracles do exist!

The Katshuisch provides safe housing and shelter for disabled cats and gives all medically necessary care, guidance and love. The Katshuisch generates income through fundraising, crowdfunding and donations. All the money is spent on the cats – the board and volunteers of the foundation receive no remuneration for their work in any form. Would you like to know more about this wonderful foundation? Then take a look at their website or their Facebook page

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