Nina and her chatterboxes Swieber and Barry

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A house with cats. That was Nina’s (31) dream. Now she has been living together with European Shorthair Swieber and crossbreed Maine Coon-Norwegian Forest Cat Barry for 5 years. And they still make her happy every day: “Every cuddle is a moment of happiness!

Nina lives with Gerard (30) in the rural village of Midwolda in Groningen. The village is quiet and the couple lives in a detached house with their two cats. The house has a garden with an outside run and enough space inside. Nina thinks this is important, because her cats must be able to play and run around.

So when you bought the house you already took your cats into account?

Yes, because I prefer to keep my cats inside. That is because Swieber’s brother was once hit by a car and died. Then I decided: my cats should never go outside again. That is why I wanted a house that I could furnish in such a way that the cats would enjoy themselves.

A garden was also important, because I understand very well that cats like to be outside. So we made an outdoor run and decorated it completely for the cats. There is a large scratching post, cat toys everywhere and shelves on the wall. A favourite of the cats when the sun is shining!


Where did you meet your cats?

Swieber comes from a litter from a farm. I bought him together with his brother, who unfortunately is no longer there. Barry is my first pedigree cat. It is a cross Maine Coon/Norwegian Forest Cat. I had to drive quite a distance for him, but that was a small effort. Because it was – just like with Swieber – love at first sight!

So you really love cats?

Yes, terribly! You don’t have a cat for a while, but for life. Of course, I see them every day and every day I melt. And they are also very sociable cats. They follow me everywhere and then look for a place near me. When I am in the living room they prefer to lie on their scratching post.


Do you like your scratching post?

Sure, the cats and I are very happy with our Petrebels cat tree! I like the scratching post because it is beautiful and its colour matches my interior. And it is of good strong quality. So it lasts a long time. And the cats love all the sleeping and hiding places. They are very soft and therefore very comfortable.


Barry’s favourite spot is right at the top, that really is his throne. And when Swieber is not on the floor, I find him in one of the hammocks of the scratching post. Handy, because then both cats are at stroke height.

I wouldn’t miss my cats for the world. I love it when they greet me when I come home and they both have such a sweet character and beautiful faces.


Tell us about their characters

Swieber would rather be lazy than tired. He likes to play, but not for too long. Then he will lay down and only hit the toy once in a while. Furthermore, he is a real chatterbox and cuddler. But only with the people he knows and trusts. Otherwise, he stays at a distance.

Barry is the more inquisitive of the two – he loves to sit on the window sill and see what all the excitement is about outside. He is very relaxed and likes everyone. Especially men. Ever since he was a kitten, he has sought out the company of men. I have no idea why, haha.


And do they ever do crazy things?

We bought a sort of racetrack with marbles – especially for cats, of course – and they both get very fanatical about it. That is very nice to see, although they make a lot of noise with their marbles. And we have taught Swieber and Barry a trick. Our cats can sit down on command. And that is quite special, because generally speaking you can’t teach cats much. It does help that our cats love sweets, so the reward afterwards definitely helped.

The last question: why are you so fond of cats?

I grew up with a cat at home, but after that there were really only dogs in the house. So I decided then: if I ever live on my own, I’ll get cats. Because I think they are such sweet and sociable creatures. I have always been crazy about them!

Nina was looking for a scratching post with lots of hiding and sleeping places for her two cats Swieber and Barry. But the scratching post also had to be sturdy. And match her interior. She fell for the cat tree Catharina 160. And she and the cats are still very happy with it every day!

Here you will find more fine scratching posts with soft sleeping places and hammocks. And they are just as nice!

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