What your cat needs in order to be happy

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A healthy and happy cat. What do you need for that? Good care of course. But also a cat tree that fits its character. And there’s more – here are tips on how to make your cat super happy.

Cats are honorary family members

In the past, domestic cats often lived on farms or near shops – their hunting instincts made them the perfect companions to keep the environment free of mice. But today we have cats for very different reasons – because they are beautiful, sweet and funny. And most of all very cozy.

So cats are valued and seen as a honorary family member. That’s why we like to spoil them. With trendy baskets and fun toys, for example. But is that enough? And do you actually know what your cat needs to be healthy and happy?

This is what a cat needs to be healthy and happy

Cats are stubborn and like to go their own way. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need us. On the contrary. We are very important to them, because only we can provide a pleasant living environment where they feel loved and safe. Because that’s what a cat needs. Do you want to know how to do that?

Your cat needs these 7 things

Make your house a safe home for your cat

Cats are sensitive to stress. It is therefore important that your home is a safe place for your cat. This is achieved by always giving him or her a place to retreat to, for example when visitors are coming or when there are children in the house. A cat flap is also a good idea, as it allows your cat to slip outside whenever it feels uncomfortable.

Everyday objects can also be dangerous for your cat. For example, never leave rubber bands, cotton buds or sharp objects lying around the house. And it’s also best to keep low-slung sockets and loose cords out of the way.

2. Make sure your cat has good nutrition and always has enough drinking water

Every cat is different. There are cats who prefer to sleep all day and there are cats who love to run around all day. There are cats with a tendency to get bladder stones or cats who are sensitive to the ingredients of certain foods. The age of your cat also plays a part. So always look at your cat’s health and get good advice on the type of food you should be giving it.

Always have plenty of fresh drinking water in the house. Cats are naturally bad drinkers, so they need a little encouragement. In any case, it is good to offer water in several places in the house. And change it daily (or twice a day, even better). If your cat is feeling fancy: some cats like to drink from a fountain.

3. Take your cat to the vet regularly (and on time!)

Just like us, cats also need to be checked regularly – you could say they need an MOT. Is your cat all right? Then go to the vet at least once a year. (s)He will check your cat’s teeth, eyes, ears and general condition. And cats with certain disorders – such as epilepsy, cystitis, allergies – should of course go to the vet more often for a check-up.

4. Every cat needs a scratching tree

It is in the nature of cats to scratch every day. They do this to take care of their nails, to mark their territory and to keep their muscles supple. Cats also like to sit up high – then they can keep an eye on everything and everyone. It makes them feel safe.

Does your cat scratch your furniture or curtains? This means that the scratching facilities in the house are not sufficient. Therefore, always provide at least one good cat tree which suits the character and needs of your cat(s).

Find out which cat tree suits your cat here!

5. Protection against fleas, worms and ticks

To prevent your cat from getting fleas, you should treat your cat a few times a year with a flea treatment. This can be done with a flea collar, but it is better to use a pipette or an injection against fleas. Useful: there are also flea repellents that also protect against ticks.

De-worming is also important. Do this at least four times a year to protect your cat against roundworms, tapeworms or the nasty parasite giardia. Is your cat never outside? If so, de-worm and de-flead your cat just as well, because the larvae of both can easily be brought inside from outside.

6. Give your cat enough attention and love

Every cat needs attention. So, play with your cat a few times a day. This will prevent your cat from getting bored and feeling unhappy. You will also build a strong bond with your cat this way. Cuddling, chatting to him and giving him a nice pat on the head now and again are also necessary.

For most cat-owners this is very easy.

There is nothing better than playing and cuddling with your cat.

7. Take good care of your cat when you go on holiday

Cats prefer to be at home, in their own environment. Are you going on holiday? Then see if you can find a good sitter to look after your cat. Does your cat have medical problems? Then you can also look for a medical nanny – they will monitor your cat’s health and give medication if necessary.

But you can also look for a good pension or cat hotel. The people who work there are trained to take perfect care of your pet during your holiday. And some are even affiliated with veterinarians, so they can provide your cat with the right care if it has a problem.

Become the best cat owner!

A cat is a super cute and easy pet. But, as you can see, cats also need good care. And that costs time and money, of course – especially if your cat’s health is not so good. Are you willing to do that? Then follow the tips above and become the best cat owner!

Disclaimer: Petrebels is not a vet or a behaviourist: all content, information and tips on this blog are meant to inspire you and are of an informative nature. Does your cat have complaints or problems and do you doubt the health of your cat? Always go to the vet or a behaviourist.

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