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The perfect cat tree for every cat

Cats… You’ve got to love them!

They are kind, fun and stubborn. But every cat is different and thus has different needs. We understand this and therefore designed a perfect cat tree for every character.

What character fits your cat the best?

  • The lazy Rebel

    Cats sleep up to 16 hours a day with full commitment: lots of stretching and shameless yawning… Mhmm, delicious. The lazy Rebel masters this trait like no other and prefers to leave the running and playing to someone else. This lazy napper is able to lie down anywhere to take a well-deserved rest, but they prefer a nice and soft hammock or basket.

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    The scratching Rebel

    Cats naturally have the need to sharpen their nails. This way they mark their territory. It also makes them relaxed and happy. The scratching Rebel will never stop when it comes to this. Transform your house into a “scratching paradise” for this Rebel and supply it with one or several good cat trees.

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    The outdoor Rebel

    Outdoor cats love adventure and freedom. They often hide in bushes to keep an eye on their surroundings. They can entertain themselves for hours with bugs flying around and they might even take home a real mouse for you! The outdoor Rebel will come home to cuddle with its owner and to eat peacefully. This adventurer would appreciate it if there is a nice spot in your house to rest before the next adventure.

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    The indoor Rebel

    Some cats prefer to stay inside, this can also be a decision made by the owner. Indoor Rebels enjoy watching the outside world – and everything exciting that happens there. You can make these cats happy by making the indoor world just as exciting as the outdoor world. Stimulate their senses with toys and cat furniture in which they can climb.This way they remain healthy and happy.

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Scratching posts for every breed

Petrebels has suitable scratching trees for every cat breed. That is why we have developed the ideal scratching post.

Click on the link of your cat breed and simply navigate to the overview of all Petrebels scratching trees.

I am looking for a :

Cat tree for a British Shorthair

Cat tree for a Birman Cat

Cat tree for an Egyptian Mau cat

Cat tree for a Savannah cat

Cat tree for a Norwegian forest cat

Cat tree for a Ragamuffin

Cat tree for a European shorthair

Cat tree for a Maine Coon

Cat tree for a Devon Rex 

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