Liss and her 11 pedigree cats

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Today we talk to cat mum Liss (34) about her pedigree cats. She has no less than 11 of them and can’t imagine life without them. She talks about her very first cat, her cattery and how special her cats are. Read more about her 11 Rebels here.

It must be lively in your home!

Yes, it certainly is. I live together with my husband Jos (35) and three children – Mexx is 9 years old, Chase 4 and Kye is almost 3. And our 11 cats complete my family.

Where do you live?

We live in a single-family house by the water in the cheese town of Alkmaar. But in a quiet part of the city. We consciously paid attention to this when we bought the house, because we wanted a safe living environment for our cats.


Are the cats allowed outside?

Yes, they are allowed. But they are only allowed in our enclosed garden. After all, they are pedigree cats and I don’t want anyone to take them or for one of them to run away. So we have completely fenced off our garden so that they can go outside safely if they want to. Great for the cats of course, but also for me. Because then I don’t have to worry.

Do you worry a lot about your cats?

Yes, because I am crazy about them. And I have lost a cat before. Our cat Kycka – a beautiful tortoiseshell cat – has been missing for seven years. When I think of her, I get a lump in my throat, because I still miss her terribly!


Was Kycka your first cat?

No, before her there was Kay, a sweet and beautiful Ragdoll male and cats Kyra and Kaylee. And then Kycka came along. But I have been surrounded by cats all my life. My love for cats started in my parental home. Then we had Wammes Waggel – a black and white cat who lived to be 18 years old. I will never forget her, becuae she was the sweetest!

And now you have 11 cats!

Haha, yes. That’s quite a lot, isn’t it? But I love it. I really love them all. And luckily my husband and children are just as fond of them. We can’t imagine life without our sweet furry friends. They really are part of the family. That’s why the cat tree is in the living room, because then they are always cosily close to us.


What kind of scratching post have you chosen and why?

This is a very special story. We had some setbacks with our cattery and so Dennis (one of the founders of Petrebels) allowed us to choose a brand new scratching post. So incredibly sweet! We chose the Lookout 198 cat tree because it is high, sturdy and has enough space for all our cats.

Where did you actually meet your cats?

My husband and I run our cattery together. We breed Savannahs and Devon Rexes and have a litter now and then. The kittens from that litter grow up in our living room and are therefore immediately used to a family life with children. This way we know for sure that the kittens will go to their new owners well socialised.


Because we want to be sure that our cats give birth to healthy kittens, we have looked carefully at their origin. Some of the cats come from friendly breeders and some from abroad. With them we have bred some of our own cats and they are all very healthy, happy and free of inbreeding.

How old are your cats and what are their names?

The age of our cats varies from 1 to 5 years. We have four Savannahs and they are called Moses, Ngozi, Noë and Ya’din. Our seven Devon Rexes are called Undercover, Tessi, Tammy, Pomm, Teddy, Hayley and Tikki.

It is a large group of cats, but they get along so well! It’s special to see that even the two different breeds get along so well. I think this is because both breeds are very affectionate – they follow us everywhere, love to cuddle and like to lie on our laps.


And what makes your cats so special?

My cats all have their own character and habits. Tessi, for example, jumps from the ground into my arms. That is very sweet. Ngozi misses me terribly when I am away and cuddles along my legs when I get home. Tikki taps me when I stop petting him, Pomm is always the clown and Hayley loves my three children.

The last question: why are you so fond of cats?

I love all cats. But my own most of all, of course. They are sweet, sociable and often very funny with all their silly antics. Cats are part of me and I would feel very unhappy without them. I love my whole family and cats are part of that!

Liss has 11 pedigree cats and therefore needed a large scratching post with lots of places to sleep. So she chose the Lookout 198 cat tree in the colour pepper. An excellent choice, because all her cats can be found on it every day. Liss is also happy with it because it is very easy to clean, velvety soft and yet very strong.

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