Bruce, Isis, Yoda and their owner Bianca

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To her great sorrow, her sweet Siamese Bruce died of cancer at a young age. But there is new happiness in the life of Bianca (45) from Oude-Tonge. Because she now lives together with her catgirls Isis and Yoda – two cats with a very special character!

First of all, how sad that you have lost Bruce

Yes, that was hard for me too. Bruce came to live with me in August 2020. I took him over from a friend when I had just separated from my husband. A tough time that became a lot nicer with the arrival of Bruce. I really loved him immediately – a beautiful Siamese with a very gentle nature. He chatted the ears off my head. And that was exactly what I needed at that time. But in December of that same year I had to say goodbye to him. He had an aggressive form of lymphoma and unfortunately there was nothing more to be done.

And what is your family composition like now?

I have two daughters. My youngest daughter Soraya still lives at home and Amber – my oldest – with her father. She comes to visit us every now and then. My two cats Yoda (5 months) and Isis (7 months) complete our family. Fun fact: Soraya came up with the names for the cats. Isis is named after an Egyptian goddess and Yoda after that nice wise guy from Star Wars.

Tell us more about your ‘cat girls’!

Isis loves to lie on my neck, has a beautiful black and white coat and is a cross Bengal. I came across her online and couldn’t get her out of my head. So I picked her up. Isis really always looks super sweet and cute, but she is also a feisty lady. And a little anxious at times too. That’s the Bengal in her. She loves to play with toy mice.

‘She likes to pick one of my tampons out of the packaging.


Yoda is a cuddly dog who is always happy when I come home. A cream-colored Oriental Shorthair that I bought from a good breeder. She is a great chatterbox, very enterprising and not afraid of anything. Oh yes, and she has absolutely no respect for my personal space – she prefers to lie on top of my face. And she is incredibly similar in character to Bruce: as if he has been reincarnated into Yoda.

Are they real friends yet?

That’s starting to come around a bit now, since they haven’t known each other very long, of course. And Isis had me all to herself for a while, so she had to get used to the fact that she had to share my attention with Yoda. But that is getting better every day. They often play with each other and when I’m not looking they also sleep together secretly in the cat tree. So that’s going to be okay!

What cute cats you have! You must be very careful of them?

Yes, that’s why they’re not allowed out unsupervised – they’re far too important and valuable to me to roam the streets alone. I may live in a quiet street and have a garden, but I still don’t like the idea. So now I train them to go outside with a harness on. And that goes very well.

So you never lost them?

No, thankfully not! In the house they have a lot of fixed spots. At night the ladies sleep comfortably in my bed. And during the day they sunbathe on the windowsill or they snore in one of the four hammocks of their Skyline de Luxe scratching furniture.

So actually I always know where they are. And when I can’t find them, I only have to call their names. Because then they immediately answer and stick their heads up.

You love cats too, that’s obvious

I am a fan yes! After all, cats give a lot of love and comfort in difficult times. And I get very calm from their presence – especially when they are both sleeping in my neck. But they also make me laugh quite often. Like when Yoda greets me meowing loudly or when Isis makes a funny face. Isn’t that wonderful!


Bianca bought scratching furniture Skyline 185 de Luxe Grey . Perfect for her two Rebels, because there is enough space for both to play and sleep. And Isis loves to climb the extra high and thick scratching logs.

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