Alicia about her great happiness: Tobi and Lio

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Alicia enjoys every moment of her cat brothers Tobi and Lío. These two pedigree cats come from the same litter and are the best of friends. And they are smart, like to chat and can do all kinds of funny tricks. Which ones? You can find out here!

In the beautiful town of Harderwijk in Gelderland, Alicia (27) lives with her boyfriend Mark in a lovely family home with a beautiful garden. She has everything her heart desires – a beautiful forest practically in her backyard and the lively boulevard of Harderwijk within cycling distance. But Alicia is happiest with her Tobi and Lío – two very cute and special cats.


Tell us! Why are your cats so cute?

Jeez, have you got a minute? I love so many things about my cats! Let me start by saying that they are both incredible cuddlers. They love each other and do everything together. They sleep together, give each other lots of baths and can also play very actively – running around the house chasing each other like crazy. They fly over the dining room table, crawl on their backs under the sofa and climb in their scratching post. And when they lose each other, they call each other very loud!

Lío is clumsy and often falls.

They also love me and my boyfriend and are always up for a cuddle. And they follow us everywhere. For example, if I go upstairs, they will follow me. Because they are so focused on us, we are not going on holiday for the time being. We will try that later, when they are a bit older.

Do they look a bit alike?

Quite a lot in terms of appearance and character. But they also differ. Lío is a real lout and a bit clumsy. He regularly falls off the table, the couch or one of the scratching posts. And Tobi is still a little baby.

How old are your cats anyway? And where did you meet?

Tobi and Lío come from the same litter and are therefore the same age: they are one year and three months old. Still teenagers. They have been living with us for ten months now, so we got them when they were about five months old. The previous owners had to get rid of them because one of them had an allergy. I used to be allergic to cats too, but I got over that.


Luckily, because I have wanted cats all my life! When we were renovating at home, we lived with my parents-in-law for a few months. They have two and then I knew: I want cats! Actually, it was not convenient yet, because our house was not finished. But I saw Tobi and Lío somewhere by chance and when I saw their faces I was head over heels in love.

And you still are?

Yes, I enjoy every moment of them. They are incredibly sweet and beautiful. They are also curious and very vocal – which is typical of their breed. They are Bengals, they talk a lot. And they are super active. They can run through our house like wild horses and make the craziest jumps and somersaults. That is great to watch. My boyfriend and I hardly need TV anymore because of them, it is so much fun to watch them fool around. But they can also fall down very lazily afterwards – then they can sleep very soundly.

Lío asks nicely if he can go to bed

Where do they prefer to sleep?

At night, they go upstairs because otherwise they break up the living room. Then they usually go to their own room. They have a running wheel and can play and sleep in one of the two large scratching posts. Sometimes they sleep in our bed. In the morning they go downstairs again, but never before we have cuddled. Tobi jumps immediately on the bed and Lio first asks if it is allowed. And as soon as I say something, he joins in. Very cute!


Why are your cats the cutest?

I like all cats. They are cosy and nice and stubborn. But Tobi and Lio are really sweet and special. The Bengal is a really great breed of cat – I have never seen cats that are so incredibly clever. We have taught our cats to fetch and they can sit on command. Bengals are also very present. They always let us know loud and clear what they want. When we come home after a working day they are always waiting for us and run to us as soon as the door opens. It is important to note that Bengals have a lot of energy and need a lot of challenge and variation. Therefore, we provide many active toys in the house and we will soon make a (safe) outdoor area in our garden. Fortunately, they play a lot with each other. And sometimes we are allowed to join in.

Alicia’s cats are Bengalis. They are active cats who need a challenge. Therefore, she was looking for a scratching post where they can climb and play, but where they can also sleep. She chose the Panorama 188 Deluxe scratching post because it is high, stable and has lots of nice, soft sleeping places.

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