Why black cats are fun companions

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black cat on white cat tree

Black cats are not bad luck. On the contrary, they are a lot of fun!

Black cats bring bad luck, people used to think. And some still do. Nonsense, of course. Here you can read about the myths and real cat owners and cat mothers tell you why black cats are fun. And that they actually make them happy!

Whenever you see an image or film that has anything to do with Halloween or witches, you are bound to see a black cat. This is due to ancient myths. In the past – a very long time ago – people believed that black cats were bringers of bad luck. And in some cultures it was even believed that black cats could change their appearance and were pendants or spies for witches, demons or evil sorcerers.

Now you might think: what nonsense! This is just crazy superstition. And of course it is. But still, the prejudices against black cats have not completely disappeared.

Superstition about black cats in Europe

There are few of them, but in Europe some people still believe that a black cat brings you bad luck. Especially if a black cat crosses your path on Friday the 13th. In Germany, for example, some people believe that it is bad luck if a black cat crosses your path from right to left. But if a black cat crosses your path from left to right, it will bring you good luck. And in England, some people think that it brings good luck if a black cat walks towards you. If a black cat walks away from you, it will bring you bad luck. None of this is true, of course. It is all superstition, of course.


Black cats spend longer in shelters

But all these myths and tales of misfortune unfortunately still make some people prefer not to take a black cat into their home. Consciously or unconsciously, people tend to choose a different colour. And the result is that black cats (or cats with a lot of black in their fur) often spend three times as long in the shelter. Or that black kittens are chosen last or not at all from a litter.

All cats are cute!

The colour of a cat’s fur means nothing and the myths of the past are complete nonsense. All cats are equally cute, sweet and intelligent – whether they are white, orange, grey or black. Or have all the colours of the rainbow. Black cats – like other cats – bring a lot of happiness and comfort to their owners.

We want to put an end to the unjustified prejudices about black cats once and for all. So we asked real cat owners and cat mums to tell you why their black cat is so cute. Read along!

Black cats are great: here’s the proof!


Monique about her black tomcat Moosje

“Our Moosje is blacker than black. And from day one she has been the sweetest creature I have ever seen! I have two cats and Moos is the most gentle of the two. Always sweet to people, but also to other animals. He used to be scared sometimes, but now he is very affectionate. A real sociable animal. When my family is downstairs in the morning, he is so happy. And every evening he comes and lays with us – then he cuddles up to us. He loves to play, but he prefers to be petted all day long. And he talks a lot. Everything is love with Moos.”

We interviewed Monique about her cats. Read about it here!


Diddeke about cat Mina

“I’ve had several cats and there has always been a black one among them. And they are often just as, or even more, affectionate than the other cats I had. Now I live with Mina. She had been in the shelter for three and a half months waiting for a new owner, but everyone passed her by because of her colour: she is black with a bit of white. I thought she was lovely and took her home. And there is no question of unhappiness, I am very happy with her. She is the sweetest cat you can have!”

We interviewed Diddeke about her cats. Read about it here!


Ellen about Famke and Lizzy

My very first cat was called Famke and she was all black. I thought she was gorgeous, because her eyes were extra beautiful against that black coat. And she was very sweet – she always came to give me a hug and slept next to my pillow. She also loved to be outside, but always came immediately when I called her. Now I have six cats, including another black one. That’s Lizzy, with her white moustache and chest. Lizzy also likes to be around me, always greets me when I come home from work and can have a lovely chat. So cosy! If I say something to her or mention her name, she always answers. And she loves to cuddle. She really is a wonderful cat child.

We interviewed Ellen about her cats. Read it here!


Jeroen about Tinus

?We have adopted a beautiful black cat from the shelter. His name is Tinus and he is ten years old. I love all the cats we have had, but Tinus is a special case. He is my big friend and I always call him that. Tinus is very gentle, there is no harm in it. And he is always happy – as soon as you look at him he starts to purr. He always wants to cuddle and play. And when he is done with that, he goes on to his favourite activity: being around his people. But he can entertain himself as well. Tinus is a big sweet guy with a beautiful shiny black coat. He is not only sweet, but also very soft – like he fell in the softener. My wife and I are crazy about our Tinus.”

We interviewed Jeroen about his cats. Read it here!

We hope that it is now really clear: all myths and stories about black cats and bad luck are superstition and therefore not true. On the contrary. Black cats are beautiful and just as wonderful and sweet as any other cat!

Disclaimer: Petrebels is not a vet or a behaviourist: all content, information and tips on this blog is meant to inspire you and is of an informative nature. Does your cat have complaints or problems and do you have doubts about its health? Always go to the vet or a behaviourist.

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