Monique’s cats Sam and Moos have fear of abandonment

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Monique always had dogs. But since the arrival of Sam and Moos, she is also crazy about cats. Not strange, because they are very sweet and affectionate. But the cats also suffer from separation anxiety. Read all about this cute couple here.

Monique (46) lives with her husband, son, daughter-in-law, grandson and two household cats Sam and Moos in a cosy family home in Zwaag, West Friesland. It’s always busy at her home, but above all a lot of fun.

Tell us, how did you meet Sam and Moos?

Our neighbour found a dumped litter of kittens. Very sad. There we found our Sam, who was a tiny kitten of only six weeks old at the time. Actually, very soon I found it sad that he was the only cat in the house. An hour later we picked up Moos. He was still small then too – only four weeks old. But in the meantime, they are two lovely healthy cats of 13,5 years old.

What makes your cats so special?

I was always a dog person, so I didn’t really know what to expect from cats. But that soon became clear. Cats are great! And mine are absolutely wonderful, because they are sweet, naughty and very cuddly.


Sam is a real chatterbox. He meows loudly and quite foully, haha. He prefers to lie with me all day, has crazy moods and only wants to drink from the tap. Moos is especially lazy. And quite shy and scared. No idea why, but I think it’s just his character. Everything scares him. Luckily it is getting better and better. Moos likes to sleep with me and he lives for treats. And – just like Sam – he also has those crazy moods. Suddenly he starts meowing strangely and runs around the house like crazy.

My cats are clumsy. They fall a lot.

I am also very pleased that Sam is so fond of my grandson. Very special for a cat. Moos doesn’t like it very much. He thinks the baby is a weird and wild thing.

And both of them suffer from separation anxiety and are quite clumsy. You would expect cats to be charming and graceful. But mine are not. They really do fall quite often.

You said you were afraid of abandonment, how can you tell?

I really thought cats would be independent creatures. Most of them probably are, but not mine. Sam and Moos are terribly attached to us and prefer to be with us all day. That is why we never go on holiday. Because even when we have been away for an hour, they act as if we have left them. But we don’t mind, because they are very nice and sweet.


What is your favourite time with your cats?

The morning is my favourite. I love waking up and seeing Sam and Moos. They want attention immediately and show it by meowing to me. I give them that attention right away. Just like fresh water and kibble. After that I make a cup of tea, Sam goes to sleep somewhere and Moos comes to lie next to me.

But in the afternoon and evening they are also very sociable. When they wake up from their afternoon nap, we always go out to play. Sam likes to play with a toy car and Moos plays with the ball on the scratching post. And as soon as my husband and I have eaten our dinner, Moos starts to circle around us. Because he is hungry again, of course. I always give the cats a bowl of meat in the evening. And before we go to sleep, they both get three salmon sweets – Sam always tries to steal them from Moos. When we are in bed, they race up and down the stairs meowing and then they go to sleep.

Monique was looking for a scratching post for her two cats Sam and Moos. The scratching post had to have enough places to sleep and everything had to be easily accessible. Because Moos can’t jump high because of a limp leg. Cat tree Turnpike 200 is ideal: there is more than enough space for the cats and Moos can climb down shelf by shelf

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