This will prevent your cat from scratching your furniture

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With these tips, you can prevent your cat from scratching your furniture

This way your interior remains beautiful and your cat remains happy

Cats need to be able to scratch something every day, because that is part of their natural behavior. It makes them happy and it is actually very good for their health. So it is better not to unlearn them how to scratch. Do you hate your cat scratching your couch and chairs? Don’t worry, because there are easy solutions for that. And you can read it here!

Why do cats scratch objects?

  •  To stay flexible and fit

    Cats scratch to stretch themselves out, for example after they’ve slept. Think of it as a kind of cat fitness, because by scratching they keep their muscles supple and their body limber.

  • To mark their territory

    Cats mark their territory by leaving their scent. They do this by passing their head somewhere, but also by scratching something. With the scent they leave behind, they let intruders know that they are not welcome.

  • Against stress and excitement

    Cats are sensitive creatures and are therefore easily startled. This can be positive excitement, for example when they are very happy that their owner is back home or when their dinner is served. But they also have to get rid of negative excitement. If something exciting has happened, such as an argument with another cat, a cat will relax by scratching extensively.

  • For attention

    Not one owner likes it when the cat scratches the furniture – no chair or sofa can withstand those small sharp nails. And your cat knows that. Your cat knows you will give it attention when they scratch your furniture.

    Because scratching is really necessary for cats, it is extremely important to have enough good scratching facilities at home. Even if your cat can go outside.


But what is the best place for a scratching post or scratching furniture?

Providing enough cat trees and furniture in the house will prevent your cat from scratching your furniture. But then it is important to put them in the right place. With these tips you will quickly find your best place.

 • Never place a scratching post or scratching furniture in a corner, but always in the walking route of your cat. Then you know for sure that it is being used.

 • Do you have several cats? Then place the scratching posts scattered throughout the house along their own walking routes.

• In any case, place a scratching post in the room where your cat prefers to be.

• It is also useful to place a scratching post close to the door or the cat flap. Cats like to mark their territory when they enter.

 • Sometimes your cat feels like scratching while standing, but sometimes it is also more pleasant to do so while lying down. Therefore, vary with horizontal scratching posts and vertical scratching posts in the house.

Make yourself and your cat happy

Cats are only really happy if they can scratch something nice on a regular basis. Therefore, follow these tips carefully. And then you also immediately prevent your chairs and sofas from falling victim to your cat’s nails. A scratching post is not only good for your cat, but also for you and your interior.

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