Monique tells about her Maine Coons Boencho, Spike and Loki

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Monique lives with her husband, her two Malinois Shepherds and three handsome Maine Coons in the village of Heinenoord in South Holland. And they have a great time there together. The village is cosy, their house on the dike is beautifully located and the garden has room for a cat run.

Why are you going to make a cat run?

My cats are absolutely not allowed outside at the moment. The road on which our house is situated is very busy and the cars drive fast. So it’s dangerous for my three cats. And besides, they are beautiful pedigree cats, so I am afraid that someone will take them away.

But cats like to be outside. Since we have a large garden behind our house, we decided to build a cat run. Then my cats can safely enjoy the sunshine and all the exciting things that happen outside.

When I saw Loki, it was clear: he belongs with us!

You mentioned earlier that you have three Maine Coons. Who are they and where did you meet them?

Boencho is now 15 and I bought him from a breeder. He is my first Maine Coon and I fell in love. It was true. When I was at work I raced home. I just wanted to see him again. Spike is 10 years old now and was a bit older when I got him. Loki is only 15 weeks old and has only just moved in with us. We were actually going to look for another kitten, but when I saw Loki it was decided: he belongs with us! Spike and Loki also come from the same breeder as Boencho.

Tell us about the character of your cats

Maine Coons are really great animals. I knew that already, but since I have them I understand it even more. They are impressive to look at anyway. They are quite big. And with such an imposing cat, you naturally expect an impressive character. But that is not the case. Maine Coons are very gentle – they have a small heart.

Boencho has a worldly character, I will never find a cat like him again.

My cats are so sweet too, although they are very different. Spike is shy and modest. Boencho has a worldly character, I will never find a cat like him again. He is a real buddy, is wise and not easily impressed. Also not of the dogs. That really suits the character of Maine Coons – they are always in balance.

And Loki, of course, is still small, but his character is also great. He is very busy, naughty and a real comedian. But also very soft and sweet. And clumsy, haha. And all three of them love to cuddle. Also typical for a Maine Coon.

So your cats are cuddly. How can you tell?

They are always near us. When I am lying on the couch, Boencho is on my chest. Spike is perhaps the biggest cuddler. He always crawls into bed with us when we go to sleep. Then he is the one on my chest with his big woolly paws. And he can purr like the best of them. And Loki makes fun of us again. He sleeps between us, on his back with all four of his paws in the air.

So your bed is their favourite place in the house?

One of their favourite places, yes. But since we bought a new scratching post, they mainly lie there during the day and evening. They are very happy with it because they can sit and sleep there without the dogs coming near them.

What does a day with you and your Maine Coons look like?

All the cats are in bed with us. But as soon as one of us moves, Loki wakes up and follows us everywhere. Spike sometimes takes a shower with us or stands with his paws in the water. Downstairs they all get something to eat and Boencho gets his insulin, because he has diabetes. After that we go to work to come home later and find three very happy cats at the backdoor. Spike is sitting on the kitchen counter waiting for a cuddle, Boencho is sitting on his stool and Loki is everywhere.

The last question again: why do you like cats so much?

I have had cats for more than 30 years and am still happy with them every day. Cats are sociable lap-sitters, love to cuddle and have a mind of their own. And it is also nice that they do not need to be walked every day.

Monique was looking for a sturdy scratching post to suit all her cats. She chose Turnpike 190 in the colour cappuccino. Because it is suitable for older cats and kittens. And it has enough sleeping space for all of them. She is still happy with it every day, just like her cats!

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