Frostie & Hatchi and their owner Sigrid

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It is pleasantly busy in the house of Sigrid (33) with a husband, daughter and two dogs. Her two cats complete the family. Frostie is a cuddly animal and Hatchi an outdoor cat who is prone to lose her way for several days. Where do you think she found him?

It’s crowded in your home!

You can say that, yes. I am married to Jonathan, 32, and together we have a 5-year-old daughter. We also have two dogs and of course our two Rebels Hatchi and Frostie. But we love it – we are all having a great time together.

Where did you actually meet?

Both cats come from my aunt’s litter. They have the same mother and are therefore half brother and sister. Hatchi (now 9 years old) came to us first and we fell in love with him immediately. Frostie was born a year later and she’s a lot of fun too! The cats are very different by the way. Frostie is quite scared and a real cuddly ass. And also nice and lazy, just like Garfield.


And he is also curious because he just walks in on other people. Fortunately that is not a problem, because he likes to be seen in the neighborhood.

Where do you live?

We live in the village of Hofstade. That is located in Belgium, close to Aalst. We used to live in an apartment, but that became too small for all of us. And because our Hatchi likes to go outside, we thought it was better to live in a single-family home anyway. That’s just easier.


So Hatchi is a real outdoor cat?

Yes really! Since we moved into the house it has been impossible to keep him inside. In the beginning he kept coming in to give us cups. He was so grateful! By the way, Frostie can go outside too, but she doesn’t really care. She’d rather be inside. Unless the sun is shining by the way, because then she is sunbathing on the terrace.

Have you ever lost the cats?

Actually only Hatchi. Even twice. The first time he did not come home in the evening and that typically never happens. We were concerned, but eventually had to go to sleep. And then all of a sudden he was standing next to our bed in the morning, meowing very loudly – as if nothing was wrong. And the other time we lost him for two days. We were really worried then. It turned out that he had walked into the neighbors’ house and accidentally got locked up in their guest room.


And Frostie?

We have never lost Frostie. I think that’s because she’s a bit anxious by nature and prefers to stay indoors. We know her permanent places in the house like the back of our hand. At first she was always sleeping in our shed under the stairs, but we didn’t like that very much – we missed her a bit. That is why we bought a cat tree and put it in the living room. And ever since then she has always been sleeping there. Nice and close to us.


And how do you like that scratching post?

We think it’s fantastic. We found it on the internet and drove to the Netherlands especially to buy it. Because Frostie in particular is quite strong, we were looking for a stable cat tree with soft and strong hanging baskets with enough space for both cats. Also, it’s very easy to clean.

What nice names by the way!

I know right?! Hatchi is a male and we named it after the dog from the Japanese movie Hatchiko. We had just watched that movie and thought it was a perfect name for him. And our Frostie is called that way because she has such a beautiful red color. Just like the tiger on the Kellogs Frosties packaging.


And finally, what cat toys do you make them happy with?

Our cats don’t really play with cat toys. I think Hatchi is too smart for it. And of course he has a great time outside, so he mainly comes home to eat and sleep. I can sometimes make Frostie enthusiastic with a laser light. But I recently read that that’s not good for them at all, so I’d rather not do that anymore. By the way, I make them super happy with pillows filled with catnip.

Frostie and Hatchi love to snore in the hammocks of the Vista 170 scratching post. Wondering if it is something for your cat?

Here you can read all about this wonderfully soft scratching post

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