The fastest cat in the world – Egyptian Mau

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Egyptian Mau with blue background

The Egyptian Mau is a naturally lively cat. The Egyptian Mau is a short-haired cat. This cat breed is an active, strong and unbreakable cat breed that needs a lot of exercise but is generally quite balanced in temperament. Want to know more about this cat breed? Then read on.

Origin of the Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is a cat that (of course) originated in ancient Egypt. In 1953, a number of spotted cats were found and taken to Rome by a Russian prince. Here they bred the cats and moved to North America, where the Mau was born. Characteristic of the Mau are the spots on its head, which resembles the sacred scarab. These cats are lively and playful, and make perfect pets for people looking for a sociable cat. The Mau is also a good hunter, and they will gladly play with their favorite toys.


He has a beautiful and shiny coat. The colour of the coat is usually black or dark brown, but there are also hedgehogs and tigers with a light coat colour. The fur of the Mau is unique in its kind and very attractive for cat lovers. You can easily recognise it as its typical mottled coat. It is an easily groomed coat and does not require much brushing.


The Mau is an elegant cat with a slender stature and long legs. Its main characteristic, however, is the unique pattern of its fur: dark spots or stripes on a light background. This pattern can be as diverse as that of a leopard, but is usually less messy. Some also have a strange “gaze” that makes them look extra special. The Egyptian Mau is known for its beautiful green eyes.

Egyptian Mau on balcony


This cat breed is an intelligent and affectionate cat that enjoys company. It is not afraid to make contact with other animals or people. This breed is an energetic cat that loves exercise. They are smart and have a strong personality. The Egyptian Mau are real individuals and each cat has its own character. These cats are independent, yet loyal to their owners. They are sometimes a bit cold on the outside, but inside they are very social and affectionate cats who love to socialise. These cats are really active and like to keep you informed of everything that happens. The Egyptian Mau is the fastest cat breed in the world, the cat can reach a speed of up to 50 kilometres per hour! Keep in mind that this cat breed does not like to be alone and likes to play with its owner and can actively sprint, climb and clamber around the house.

Diseases and disorders

If you want an active cat in the house, the Egyptian Mau is a good choice. These cats are very energetic. Unfortunately, their liveliness also means that they are more susceptible to certain diseases than other cat breeds. In this blog article you will read all about these conditions, so you will know what could possibly be the matter if your Egyptian Mau suddenly becomes less energetic or shows other changes in behaviour.

White Egyptian Mau with white background

How old does an Egyptian Mau get?

The Egyptian Mau is a cat that reaches an average age of around 12 years. This is of course dependent on several factors, such as nutrition and environment. These cats are generally very cheerful and lively, and often remain so until a ripe old age. They are also very affectionate towards their owners and enjoy being around them. So if you are looking for a cat to keep you company, the Egyptian Mau is an excellent choice!

What does an Egyptian Mau cost?

If you are looking for a cat that likes to live and is energetic, then the Egyptian Mau is perfect for you! These cats are incredibly intelligent and have an innate need to hunt. They will never leave your home bored and will always have something to do. If you are thinking about buying an Egyptian Mau, please consider the following:

Cost – The Egyptian Mau is not cheap. If you want to buy one, you will probably have to spend around €1000.

Care – These cats are relatively high maintenance. They need to be brushed every day to keep their coat in good condition and they also need to be seen regularly by the vet. Because this is an active cat breed, it is important to have a cat tree in the house where they can play and relax. It is also important to keep your cat litter box clean with good cat litter.

Food – Make sure that your cat gets enough protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This will automatically strengthen its physical and mental health.

Always look for a recognised breeder or cattery for an Egyptian Mau. Then you can be sure that you are buying a healthy cat that has been bred in an animal-friendly and honest way.


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