This is how you make your cat really happy

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Every cat needs love and attention, but that’s not the only thing that matters…

Cats are stubborn, enterprising and sensitive. They are complex creatures. But once you know what they need, you can make your cat the happiest in the world. Of course, good care, medical care, a clean environment and a lot of love and attention are super important. But your cat needs more. And we tell you here what that is.


Cats and their instincts

Like any animal, a cat has innate instincts. For example, they are real hunters and they like to mark their territory. So give your cat the opportunity to do something with those instincts every day. This will make him happy and prevent him from getting bored and stressed. Does that seem difficult to you? Fortunately, it is not – in fact, it is much easier than you think. Here we tell you about the 4 most important instincts of your cat and how you can support them.


1. Climbing

Cats like to keep an eye on things and be alert when danger threatens. Because of this, they feel most comfortable in high positions. Does your cat often climb up the curtains or the back of your armchair? Don’t punish her or scold her, because that just means she’ll find a safe place in the house. Can’t you offer high places in your home? Fortunately, you can easily solve this problem by setting up a tall scratching post with sleeping and viewing areas. And it’s best to put it near a window if you can. Because then your tiger can also look outside. But even if window placement doesn’t work, a tall structure is perfect for your cat. Because for cats with this characteristic: the higher the scratching post, the better!


2. Possibility to withdraw

Cats that live in a group also need some time for themselves from time to time. This should always be kept in mind. One room per cat living in the same household would be ideal. Then they can withdraw appropriately if they feel like it. Of course, this is not always possible to offer. If you have two or more cats who can or should only be in one room, then you should offer your cats sufficiently large scratching furniture with several floors and hiding places. There you will always find a personal place where you can relax in peace from what you experienced that day


3. Hunting

Does your cat like to look out the window often? Your cat is not only curious about who is walking by. Rather, she is busy observing all the movements outside, such as: Leaves, mice, birds, and insects – all potential prey. And even if your cat gets enough to eat and hunting is no longer necessary, its hunting instinct will persist. So give her the opportunity to look outside and move into an observation post. And even more important: play with her regularly. Cats love to stalk and pounce on feathers and toy mice. This sharpens your hunting instinct and your reflexes.



Every cat needs something to scratch on every day. First of all, they instinctively scratch to care for their claws. But they also scratch to mark their territory, because by scratching they leave their own scent / pheromones and tell intruders: this is mine! Another important reason to scratch: to relax. Because through enthusiastic and intensive scratching, you lower your stress level.

Does your cat scratch your furniture sometimes? Then it means that you don’t offer enough scratching opportunities. All indoor and outdoor cats should find sufficient scratching supplies. You can do this with a sufficiently large scratching post. Because then you make your cat very happy and satisfied, with the pleasant side effect that your furniture is spared.


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