CatTalk | Cindy and her British Shorthairs Miró and Pebbles

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Cindy about her British Shorthairs Miró and Pebbels

Belgian Cindy (45) was a dog person. But since she was introduced to a cat eight years ago, she’s also crazy about cats. Today she talks about her British Shorthairs – about Miro’s cuddle addiction and the year she lost him and Pebbles.

From dog person to cat person? Tell us!

Yes, I never expected that myself. I loved my family and friends’ dogs and have always had a dog since I was 27. Now too – I now have an 11 year old dog Yenko.

My love of cats began when my then partner got one for her birthday. After all, she loved cats. And now I do as well. I think cats are really great fun animals and can’t live without them!

Where do you live?

I have been living in Sint-Amands since February 2021 – which is a small village in Belgium, right on the Schelde. It is a real painter and poet village and it is very nice and quiet here. I have become totally hooked on it. And since my cats are real indoor cats, I wanted a place with lots of indoor space. Therefore, I now live in a duplex apartment with 110 square meters of living space and a nice balcony. So the cats can run and play there.


And now you live with a dog AND two British Shorthairs?

Yes, in 2018 I started looking for British Shorthairs. I for one think that is a very beautiful breed. I found a Belgian cattery and there Pebbles was born on February 8. We call her Pebbles because she reminds us of the little girl from the cartoon The Flintsones – that’s also such a sweet little rascal.

And Miró I named after the painter Joan Miró from Barcelona. Because I love his paintings. Miró was born on April 15 at a cattery in the Netherlands that has been breeding British Shorthairs for almost 30 years. Great, because that allowed me to be sure I was adopting a healthy cat.

Was it love at first sight?

Yes, I was immediately in over my head on both kitties. Pebbles grew up in a wonderful family and that felt really good. She is small and very cute – when you see her you want to hug her immediately.

And with Miró I also had an immediate click. He is super sweet, has a beautiful drawing of a turtle on the side of his fur and wants to be cuddled all day long. He really likes to be lifted up.


So your cats are always around you?

Since I can often be found in the living room myself, my cats are almost always there as well. That’s why the cat tree stands there as well. The cats prefer to sleep in the hammock or in the top house.

And when I lay down on the couch after work in the evening, Miró comes right to me. He then jumps on top of me and wants to be petted. And when he’s done with that, he lies down next to me on the banister of the couch.

Pebbles is a bit more on her own, but she too comes to cuddle with me in the evening. And she too lies very content on the banister of the sofa afterwards.

Tell us a little about the characters of your cats?

Miró is pretty cool. He may find some things very scary all of a sudden, but in the end he still goes for his goal. He sneaks my hair elastics out of the bathroom and is very good at opening doors. And he’s a real cuddler – wants to be lifted up, and he like to give headbutts and wants to be petted all day long.


Pebbels is a bit more shy. If she doesn’t quite trust something, she won’t bother. She has a quiet nature and likes to explore outside. But I’m not too happy about that, because she’s slipped out a few times and then she goes pretty far from home. But fortunately she listens well and always comes when I call her. And she’s a real chatterbox.

‘She has the most beautiful meow in all of

Belgium and beyond!’

Have you ever lost your cats?

Thankfully not really, that seems awful. They are therefore not allowed out alone – only when I am there and on a leash. However, they did once not get to live with me for a year due to circumstances. I missed them terribly then! But thankfully, they are now with me forever.

What is your favorite moment with your kitties?

I love it when I see them playing – with each other or with their toys. And I also always have to laugh really hard when they get startled by something and jump up. Or that they do something clumsy and fall off something.


But mornings are nice too, because my cats are happy to see me then. The first thing I do is greet my cats and chat with them. Miró always wants to be lifted up and Pebbles wants a petting. Then I walk the doggie, feed them and everyone goes to sleep. And when I get out of work in the evening, this cozy party starts all over again.

It’s already obvious to me, but one more time: why are you so fond of cats?

I like cats so much because they are independent, yet very affectionate. They are very grateful cats and like to show it to you. And they live their lives the way they like to – I’m actually employed by them. Therefore, they are truly my prince and princess!

Cindy has two British Shorthairs who love to scratch anything. But they also really like to sleep well. The cats love their cat tree Skyline 185 de Luxe, because there is lots of room for extensive daydreaming and lazing around. The four hammocks and the cat house at the top are favorites!

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