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Cats are great. Because say it yourself: what’s not to like? They are beautiful, funny, sweet and stubborn. Do you agree? Then read on, because here we tell you everything about their behaviour, care, breeds and what they need to be healthy and happy. And every month, we feature an interview with a real cat owner in Cat Talk.

The cream-coloured Sacred Birman

The Sacred Birman is a very common cat breed in Europe, indeed it is in the top 10 most common cat breeds in the world! Do you want to know more about this breed? Then read on.

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The fastest cat in the world - Egyptian Mau

The Egyptian Mau is an active and strong cat breed. Want to know more about this cat breed? Then read on.

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The poodle among cats: the Devon Rex

The Devon Rex is an active and energetic breed. Looking for an extrovert cat that can give you a lot of attention and will follow you everywhere? Read on!

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Monique’s cats Sam and Moos have fear of abandonment

Monique always had dogs. But since the arrival of Sam and Moos, she is also crazy about cats. Not bad, because they are very sweet and affectionate. But the cats also suffer from separation anxiety. Read all about this cute couple here.

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Is this Abyssinian the cat of your choice?

The Abyssinian is a cat that needs a lot of attention. Are you someone who likes to watch your cat play and hunt? Then read on about this beautiful breed.

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The elegant Siamese has royal roots

The Siamese has a vain appearance. Because of their elegant appearance, they were very popular with the nobility in Thailand, where this breed originated. But this cat breed has more special qualities than its appearance, and you can read about them here!

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