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Cats are great. Because say it yourself: what’s not to like? They are beautiful, funny, sweet and stubborn. Do you agree? Then read on, because here we tell you everything about their behaviour, care, breeds and what they need to be healthy and happy. And every month, we feature an interview with a real cat owner in Cat Talk.

This designer cat furniture suits every home style - Petrebels

Are you looking for a designer cat furniture, one that your cat can relax in for hours and that also perfectly matches your interior? Then stop searching.

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Manon on Nala's cat talk and sleeping champion Chess

In a fine single-family home in Dirksland, South Holland, Manon (30) lives with her boyfriend Marco (32) and her two cats Chess and Nala - cute names, but she often calls them quite different!

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New cat tree? This is what you need to know! – Petrebels

Have you bought a new cat tree or are you looking for tips on scratching posts? Then this is the place to be!

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Melissa raised cats Lazy and Proud herself with the bottle

Melissa has bottle-raised her cats. They are both affectionate, yet very different in character. Lazy is a good-natured clown and Proud a feisty lady. And who is the cat on Melissa's shoulder?

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The best cat litter (Dirty Rebels)

Cats love a clean litter box. And so do their owners. Therefore, always choose good clumping cat litter. But which one is best? Do you choose cat litter made of wood, silica or bentonite? We have the answer for you!

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Removing ticks

Every cat gets ticks from time to time. They are annoying critters, but they are not always dangerous. At least, if you remove them quickly...

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