Kelly about her sweet cat Sammy

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It was love at first sight when cat-mama Kelly picked up her Sammy from the breeder. Since then, they are inseparable. They love to sleep, cuddle and play together. And what does Sammy do in the bathroom every morning?

We heard you’re still studying? You must be busy then?

My study indeed requires a lot of time and attention. But I have enough time for my Sammy. When I come home from school or work, he is always waiting for me and then he gets all the attention he deserves. Often he has been sleeping and he comes to say hello to me with his sweet, dull sleeping head. I pick him up and give him a big hug and lots of kisses. That makes us both so happy!


Where did you meet Sammy?

I grew up with cats at home and I love them. So I always knew that when I left home I would get a cat. That happened about a year ago – I now live on my own in a flat in Zwolle and thought it was high time for more cosiness in the house. As my father had bought a very nice cat from a breeder the year before, I went there too. And there I saw him – my best friend Sammy.

You bought your cat from a breeder. Is Sammy a pedigree cat?

Sammy is a cross between a longhair Birts and a Persian. In other words: a sweet and wonderfully soft fluffy ball. I think his name really suits him. When I saw him, I knew immediately: This is a real Sammy! I like names with a ‘y’ at the end anyway.

His name also fits well with mine

Kelly and Sammy, that sounds like a lot of fun!

Tell us about Sammy. What is his character and what does he like?

Sammy is really incredibly sweet. He loves food, is a real cuddler and very social. When I am at home, he is with me all the time. At night too, he sleeps in my bed. That is one of my favourite moments with him. And he thinks the same – Sammy loves to sleep with me.

When my alarm clock goes off in the morning, he immediately lies on top of me. He doesn’t want me to get out of bed. That is really a statement by him – he lies down in such a way that I cannot reach my phone to turn off the alarm. And then I have to stay in bed longer. Very funny of course.

Sammy is also a real sleepyhead. During the day, he lies all day in his new scratching post – it has a big relaxing basket on top, two hammocks and a sleeping house underneath. If I can’t find him during the day, he lies there – sprawled out snoring on top of his throne or down in the sleeping house.


Are you happy with the cat tree?

Yes, very much so! Sammy loves it. He likes to sleep in it, but also to romp around in it. The scratching posts are well used and of good quality. And as the owner, I am of course very happy with that.

What are your favourite moments with Sammy?

I actually like everything with my Sammy. And I really enjoy playing with him, because he gets very fanatical. I make him happiest with his cat-rod in combination with his play tunnel. If I move the rod fast enough, he jumps over and through the tunnel.

When I take a shower, Sammy can also be found in the bathroom.

Then he plays with the water droplets. Or he tries to catch my towel when I dry myself.

Of course, that’s not very handy when I’m in a hurry, but it’s a lot of fun.

Sammy is the only cat in the house. How do you make sure he doesn’t feel alone?

Sammy is best friends with my father’s cat. So when I go to see him for a few days, Sammy goes with me. And when I go on holiday, Sammy stays there too – both the cats love that. During the day, when I am away from home for work or study, I put on the radio or a video for Sammy. The sound of that makes him feel less alone.


We are ready for the last question: What do you like about cats?

Cats are cute, beautiful and crazy. And wonderful to cuddle with. Especially Sammy, of course!

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