Simone and Kira

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Today Simone (43) tells us all about her cat Kira. About why she prefers not to let Kira out and what her favorite spot in the house is. And why does she actually call her Mucki?

Did you grow up with cats?
No, at home we didn’t have cats. But I took them right away when I started living on my own. I really like them as pets, because they are quirky and sociable. In addition, my partner Detlef and I both work, so cats are really the easiest pets to have – they manage just fine on their own!

Where do you live?
I live in a single-family house in Wassenberg. That’s a small village near the city of Mönchengladbach in Germany.

Is it nice there?
Yes, it’s super quiet here and very nice rural location.

How many cats do you have?
Now only Kira, an old berry of 15 years old. But we used to have three. Two months ago we had to put Kimba to sleep. It had no choice, she was very ill. Very sad, we still miss her every day.

Where did you and Kira meet?
I found her through a nice lady from the Tierschutzbund. That’s the German Animal Protection, so to speak. I saw her and was sold: it was love at first sight. We usually call Kira Mucki: A pet name because she’s so small and cute.

What kind of character does Kira have?
Kira is very afraid of strangers – when the bell rings she immediately hides. Sometimes she can be very frightened just like that. And then suddenly she gives in to us again and trusts us unconditionally. That is so beautiful to see.
A typical characteristic is that she actually always feels like eating. When we are sitting at the table, Kira is always waiting patiently until she gets some food.

What breed is Kira?
A regular cute and cozy house cat.

What is her favorite toy?
Kira loves a colored ball. She can play with it for hours. She also enjoys playing with her cat tree. We bought the Charlotte 180 from Petrebels because she loves to sharpen her nails on it. Kira is very picky. If she doens’t like something, she just leaved it.

And her favorite place in the house?
In the evening she always crawls between us on the couch. Then she wants attention and preferably a lot of cuddles.

Can Kira go outside?
No, because unfortunately my neighbors don’t like cats very much. So Kira stays inside. That’s good by the way, because she never suffers from fleas or ticks. And of course it is safer inside than outside.

What do you arrange for Kira when you go on vacation?

Cats feel best in their familiar surroundings, so that’s why she stays at home. Fortunately, we have many dear friends and family who love to take care of Kira, so they come every day to give her food and attention. And we are very happy with that.

Finally, what do you love about cats?
Really every cat is different – they all have their own character and that makes them special and unique. That’s what I find super fun about cats.

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