Does your cat not want to use his scratching post?

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Holes in your new curtains, pick marks in your new sofa and table legs with scratches. Every cat owner experiences this from time to time. Cats like to scratch things and you can’t change that. But you can teach them to use their cat tree. Then they will soon leave your furniture alone.

Does your cat not want to use his scratching post?

Scratching is necessary

The number of cats that exist on our globe is estimated at 625 million. A whole lot. And among all these cats, there isn’t one that doesn’t like to scratch. Of course, we don’t mean that she scratches you, but that she likes to scratch objects around her. They do this to keep them healthy and happy, following their instincts and the need for care. This will prevent the claws from growing too long and possibly growing into your soft balls of the feet. A scratching post in your home is important – for your cat and for your furniture.

Does your cat not accept the scratching post?

This can happen because cats are creatures of habit and like to scratch the same spot over and over again. So, once your cat realizes that she really likes scratching the back of the new sofa, she won’t stop. Because why should he? Your cat doesn’t care what your sofa looks like – the main thing is that it can peel and scratch itself. It’s only annoying for you …

Cats can learn a lot (if they want to)

Help your cat and reach under its “back legs” to teach it new scratching habits. It is often said that cats cannot be taught, but that isn’t true. Cats are stubborn and ignorant, but they are also very eager to learn. And if you know how to use it, you can train your cat to have habits too.

Cat training

First of all, it is good to know that a cat only learns something if it feels like it and is ready to do it. So your cat should see that it is worthwhile for him to learn and that it is rewarded for it. The best thing to do is to reward your cat with the two things it loves most: good food (cat treats) and attention. But you know best what your cat likes.

Teach your cat to use the scratching post in 5 easy steps

1. Pick up a favorite treat or catnip

2. Let your cat smell it, but don’t give it to her yet

3. Guide your cat to the scratching post with your hand (and the treat in it) and gently encourage it to scratch

4. When your cat starts scratching, give her the treat and a big hug

5. Repeat this daily until your cat scratches the scratching post on its own

Your cat cannot be lured with food or treats? Then you can also playfully try his favorite toy.

Tip: you can play with a cat fishing rod on the scratching post and let your cat hunt for it again and again. Try to include the scratching post and the scratching posts while playing. Your cat will quickly notice that a sisal scratching post is great for scratching and will do this automatically and independently after a while.


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