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A Savannah cat is usually not that big, the previous generations are bigger. The first generation of Savannah cats currently have a world record for being the tallest race of all cats.

Savannah cats

The Savannah cat is closest to the wild cat, the Serval. In our videos on YouTube we show some models with Savannah kittens… have you already seen them? Because of their size, energy and affection it can be a challenge to find a cat tree suitible for these tigers. The most important factor for many Savannah cat owners is that the cat furniture should be very strong and firm so it can handle the jumping power and agility of these beautiful creatures. Petrebels already made many Savannah cats happy, the ‘CITYVIEW 195 DE LUXE’, ‘RAGDOLL 200’ and ‘RAGDOLL 230’ are very much loved and have proven to be suitable. Savannah cats are incredibly playful, it is important to hold these natural characteristics into account by choosing a cat tree or cat furniture that offers enough space to climb and explore. Several floors are recommended. The higher, the better. Savannah cats are not only extremely confident, but also very curious. If you have one in your house you need to make sure that they have enough visual stimuli to keep them occupied. They have an incredible physical and mental agility.

Cat tree for Savannah cats in all shapes and sizes

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