Russian Blue: the cat with bright green eyes

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Russian Blue playing in the grass

The Russian Blue is a unique cat breed because of its beautiful features. This cat breed has a slim and muscular posture. What stands out are the beautiful green eyes. At first the Russian Blue will be a bit shy but eventually you can become very attached to them. We tell you all about this special cat breed.

History of the Russian Blue

The origin of the cat is, as the name suggests, from Russia. It seems that they were brought to England via the Russian harbour city of Archangelsk around the year 1860. The first Russian Blue was shown in London as an ‘archangel cat’. When the second world war started this cat breed was seen less and less. Fortunately someone decided to cross the cat with Russian roots with the British Shorthair, Siamese cat and the European Shorthair. This is the breed we see the most nowadays, with a thick and shorter coat and the beautiful green eyes. This cat breed also has three different species, more on this later.

Character of the Russian

This cat breed is very active and has a fun and playful side. You often see this when they are still kittens. When they are older, you will notice that they might become calmer and that you can build a good relationship with them. It can happen that your cat will lie on your lap for hours. Of course, no cat is the same and they are all unique! It will therefore be necessary to find the right cat tree. Here the Russian Blue can scratch, play and relax.

The Russian Blue is an intelligent cat breed with the necessary enthusiasm. They are very friendly and will always remain loyal to their owner. They love to play with their owners so if you are considering purchasing a Russian Blue make sure you take the time to keep your cat young and active. The cat doesn’t like crowds and noise. This cat is a real family cat and will therefore often visit you. In the beginning the Russian Blue can be a bit shy towards strangers but with the right upbringing socialising is not a problem for this cat! They often have little problems with other cats and dogs.

Russian blue with beautiful green eyes

What does the Russian Blue look like?

This breed consists of three species.

  • Siberian/Scandinavian
  • English
  • American

The American species is considered the most graceful in physique. The Russian-American is medium-sized, with a light blue-grey coat and ears that are set far apart. A Siberian/Scandinavian species is smaller than the American species and has a slightly darker coat. The Siberian/Scandinavian species, like the American species, has a graceful body and broad ears. This is different from a Russian English cat. The ears of Russian English cat are closer together and cats generally have a strong body than a graceful body. True Russian blue has bright green eyes.

These bright green eyes are located on the wedge-shaped head. Like the ears, the eyes are relatively far apart. The head looks friendly. This is due to the so-called whisker pads. The Russian Blue always seems to smile a bit because of these little whiskers. The Russian Blue has a blue-grey coat, but besides the blue-grey coat also the nose has an almost blue-purple colouring. In general the cat has a slender body with a long tail.

How big is a Russian Blue?

The Russian Blue is a medium-sized cat. This of course also depends on the exercise and the food you give the cat. The average weight of males is between 4,5 kg to 5,5 kg and females 3,5 kg to 4,5 kg.  

Russian Blue relaxing

Nutrition and Care

This breed only needs a good brushing once a week to avoid a house full of hair. Every cat is unique and they all have their own favourite food, but it is important that your cat gets the right nutrients. This also depends on how active the cat is. What also plays a part is the age and lifestyle. Try not to give the Russian everything it asks for, this can make it overweight and lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Try to keep fixed times for giving its meals.

Diseases and disorders

The Blue is a healthy breed but can always have health problems due to genetic disorders. Therefore it is important to give your cat an early vaccination. Do this at an authorised veterinarian. It is wise to give your cat a yearly health check at the vet.

Russian Blue kitten in beautiful light

Life expectancy

The Russian Blue will live to be about 10-15 years old. This is a big margin but it depends on the nutrition and the exercise that the cat gets. Nowadays you can find healthier food for cats with the right nutrients. But in general it is a strong breed!

Buying a Russian Blue

You are convinced and want to buy a Russian Blue. It can sometimes be difficult to find the right cattery. It is therefore good to have several options in mind when buying your Russian Blue. The price of the Russian Blue will be around 500-700 euros. Keep in mind that this will include the final costs of possible visits to the vet and vaccinations.


Petrebels is not a vet or a behaviourist: all content, information and tips on this blog are meant to inspire you and are of an informative nature. Does your cat have complaints or problems? Or do you have doubts about your cat’s health? Always go to the vet or a behaviourist.

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