The new generation of cat trees: why these are much better for your cat

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Where you used to have to make do with a simple and somewhat rickety cat trees, there are much better ones now. Robust and luxurious cat tree with more possibilities and of much better quality. Find out which one suits your cat best here.

If you used to go to the cat department of a pet store, there would be a neat row of cat trees. All with the same shape and construction: a square plank of about one centimeter thick and a somewhat rickety pole in the middle with some sisal around it.

By default, your cat was quite happy with it, because cats simply love scratching objects. But these cat trees did not have a long life – after a few months the sisal was worn out and the post was rickety. And your cat had no interest in it anymore. A shame, we think. And that’s why we do it differently.

We make cat trees and scratching furniture that do last

Because cats are – rightly – so popular as pets, more and more research is being done on them. And into their behavior. That’s why we now know exactly what they need. That every cat needs a cat tree is in itself not news.

But that a cat tree should meet many more requirements does. Large and heavy cats need a much more stable construction and stronger materials than older cats or kittens. And there are many more examples.

Below we will tell you all about the four most popular types of cat trees, what materials they are made of and which cats they are suitable for. Handy, because then you know exactly which one suits yours best.

Traditional Cat Trees

-but much better-

Yes, we still make it! But in a brand new and very strong jacket. The bottom plate of this cat trees is large and at least 2 centimeters thick. Therefore, even the heaviest cat can’t knock it over! The plush is of extra strong quality and lasts a long time. And the same goes for the sisal – it’s nice and thick and glued, so your cat can scratch endlessly.

For what type of cat?

Our traditional cat trees is suitable for every type of cat to scratch and climb. And because the cat trees is high and has a diameter of no less than 20 centimeters, it is also particularly suitable for large and heavy cats (breeds).

Cat trees with luxury extras

Soft hammocks to sleep in, cozy cat houses where cats feel safe, play ropes and feathers and lovely platforms to keep an eye on everything from a great height. These cat trees are equipped with lots of extras, so your cat has all his needs met and can do what he wants. And everything is made with super strong plush and sisal and with extra thick scratching logs for lots of scratching fun.

For what type of cat?

Cat cat trees with cat houses and high platforms are perfect for cats who like to retreat or have a fearful nature. And with the addition of a fine thick rope or an exciting play feather, they are also suitable for young and active cats.


Scratching domes

Superdome 120

The fast riser in our cat trees family is the scratching barrel. This makes sense, because scratching barrels have everything a cat’s heart desires. They are lined with super strong sisal carpet, so they can scratch and climb for hours. All the way up is a velvety soft plush pillow and that is, of course, a great place to keep an eye on everything. And the sleeping holes are great for recovering from an exciting day.

For what type of cat?

We make scratching barrels with two, three or even four sleeping holes, so they are also suitable for households where more cats live. Because the base is weighted and the sisal is glued, it is also a great cat tree for large, active and heavy cats. But also kittens and older cats feel perfectly at home here, because the bottom sleeping hole is very easy to reach. Our cat tree will last a cat’s life.

Scratch furniture (from large to XXL)

These cat trees have such a generous size, luxurious finish and many nice extras that the word “cat tree” does not cover the load. They have up to four extra thick scratching logs, several luxurious hammocks, at least two cozy sleeping holes and always a nice big lounge basket on top. That’s why we prefer to call them scratching furniture. And they are a real paradise for cats, because they provide them in all their natural needs: they can climb, play, sleep and scratch. And from the lounge baskets on top they can keep an eye on the whole house.

For what type of cat?

Because the base plates are large and weighted and the sisal, plush and hammocks are of extra strong quality, scratching furniture is perfect for large, heavy and active cats. And because of their generous size and nice steps also suitable for households with multiple cats and cats who are less mobile. Actually, scratching furniture is a treat for every kind of cat.

Turnpike 200

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