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We are currently receiving many international applications for our products that we are looking for distributors who want to sell PETREBELS.

If you are interested please write an email to


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PETREBELS and Partners

By working in partnership with companies who share our goals, PETREBELS has seen significant opportunities to encourage positive change not just within companies, but to also the sector more broadly.

We have pretty interesting ideas for pet industry services.  However, we are missing some partners.  And would love to fill that gap with a partner. Petrebels allows you to share the workload and to combine skills. When you work with Petrebels as a partner, you can enrich your business by having a solid teammate.

Some of the advantages of working with PETREBELS:

1. Twice as Much Manpower
When you work with Petrebels as a partner, you can do twice as much work. A lot of work goes into building a business. You need to do marketing research, networking, research and development, sales pitches, and meet with potential customers.Thus, you may need a partner you can trust to share the burdens of starting a new business.

2. Diversity in Skills
Petrebels brings an entirely new skill set to the table.Taking advantage of utilizing the differing skill sets can help the business succeed. In addition, working with Petrebels as a partner allows you to divide up tasks according to strengths, conserving time and eliminating duplication of efforts.

3. Different Perspectives
Business owners need an outside perspective to avoid tunnel vision. You might think that you have the best idea or solution to a problem, and readily invest capital into your business plans. Successful entrepreneurs have faith in their ideas, but may need someone else to put things in perspective. The decision-making process becomes easier and more realistic when two or more people objectively evaluate ideas and share their concerns and feedback.

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