This is how you recognize a strong scratching post

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Choose a durable product because then you will enjoy your purchase much longer

Cats like to use their scratching posts often. And with their sharp nails, they almost always manage to break something quickly. Also the average scratching post. But if scratching posts and scratching furniture are made of strong and durable materials, they last much longer and therefore are less likely to break. We tell you here which materials are best and why.

Super strong Sisal

Sisal is made from a tropical succulent plant – the Agave Sisalana. Many things are made of it, such as sisal rope. And because that is such a super strong material, it is perfect for scratching posts and scratching furniture. But then it must be thick enough and properly attached. Therefore always make sure that the sisal rope is thick – preferably at least 5 millimeters – and that it is properly glued. Because only then will your new scratching post last a long time.

Super strong Bottom plate

The bottom plate of a scratching post is also important. How often have you experienced a scratching post falling over when your cat is hanging in it? Or that the crab trunk quickly becomes shaky? This has to do with dimensions and the thickness of the bottom plate. Most are too thin and that makes a scratching post immediately unstable. A bottom plate of at least two for a small scratching post is fine. But for a larger specimen, it really needs to be four to five centimeters thick.

Fancy plush

The bottom plate, cat houses and hammocks of a scratching post should not only be strong, but also comfortable and soft. Because that’s what cats love. And that is why you see something of plush on almost every scratching furniture. And that is great material, as long as it has been applied in the right place and is of good quality. Is your cat a fanatic scraper? Then check carefully that no plush is attached to the scratching trunk, because it will quickly break. And always choose scratching posts that are finished with good and thick, good quality plush.

Durable due to longer lifespan

Good quality often comes with a somewhat higher price tag. But keep in mind that cheap is almost always expensive. A cheaper scratching post simply breaks down much sooner than a more expensive one because the materials and assembly are of less good quality. And then you have to buy a new one faster and in the end you only lose more money.


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