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Scratching posts that are stable

In addition to the character of your cat, stability is the most important factor when purchasing a scratching post. Always ensure that the scratching post has the required stability. Our collection The Rebels consists of the most stable scratching posts there are. Below you will find an overview of the most stable scratching posts.

Stable scratching posts in all shapes and colors

A scratching post that is not stable can turn your cat into a timid animal, certainly in the initial phase. Your cat will experience an unstable and wobbly scratching post as unpleasant and may even get scared of it. A stable scratching post is characterized by a sturdy, heavy bottom plate and solid construction. With a very high scratching post, make sure that you can clamp it against the ceiling for extra stability.

A cat likes to sit high and prefers to look down on its owner. This way he can explore the area well and keep a safe eye on it. That will not work if there are only low berths. Cats are just like humans! So opt for a stable scratching post with one or more elevated berths.

Tip: Also make sure that your cat can fully extend against one of the crab strains. Look at the length of your cat as it extends, for example when it has just woken up. Often you are already at the 70-80 cm. So you need a crab trunk at that height so that your cat can stretch wonderfully against it.

Stable Cat furniture and scratching posts

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