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Shipping costs and delivery time

Shipping costs and delivery time

We deliver orders within Germany, Netherlands and Belgium free of charge from an order value of 99,00 Euro (without shipping costs). For an order value of less than 99,00 Euro, we charge a surcharge of 7,99 Euro per order for postage and packing for Germany, Belgium and Netherlands.

To all other European countries we deliver according to the following list. (note: We do not deliver to Switzerland)

Land/country freight rate/
frei Haus ab/
free shipping over/
island surcharge/
Frankreich/France/Frankrijk (FR) 12,50 € n/a 8,50 €
UK/Verenigd Koninkrijk (GB)  29.95 € incl duty n/a  
Dänemark/Denmark/Denemarken (DK) n/a n/a  
Liechtenstein (LI) 14,99 € n/a  
Monaco (MC) 19,99 € n/a  
Italien/Italy/Italië (IT)  19,99 € n/a 16,00 €
Norwegen/Norway/Noorwegen (NO) n/a n/a  
Schweden/Sweden/Zweden (SE)  n/a n/a  
Finnland/Finland (FI) n/a n/a  
Irland/Ireland/Ierland (IE)  24,99 € n/a  
Spanien/Spain/Spanje (ES) 19,99 € n/a 32,00 €
Polen/Poland/Polen (PL)  24,99 € n/a  
Tschechien/Czech Republic/Tsjechië (CZ)  24,99 € n/a  
Portugal (PT)  24,99 € n/a 49,00 €
Bosnia-Hezegovina/Bosnië en Herzegovina (BA) 34,99 € n/a  
Bulgarien/Bulgaria/Bulgarije (BG)  34,99 € n/a  
Estland (EE) 34,99 € n/a 19,50 €
Ungarn/Hungary/Hongarije (HU)  34,99 € n/a  
Kroatien/Croatia/Kroatië (HR)  24,99 € n/a 19,50 €
Lettland/Latvia/Letland (LV)  34,99 € n/a  
Litauen/Lithuania/Litouwen (LT)  34,99 € n/a  
Rumänien/Romania/Roemenië (RO) 34,99 € n/a  
Serbien/Serbia/Servië (RS) 34,99 € n/a  
Slovenien/Slovenia/Slovenië (SI)  34,99 € n/a  
Slowakei/Slovakia/Slowakije (SK)  34,99 € n/a  
Griechenland/Greece/Griekenland (GR) 35,00 € n/a 19,50 €
Island/Iceland/IJsland (IS) 49,99 € n/a  
Österreich/Austria/Oostenrijk 9,99 € n/a  


Our delivery terms are available upon request for deliveries to non-European countries. We arrange your orders as efficiently and cost-saving as possible. We thank you for your understanding.

The shipping costs are only charged once, even if a shipment takes place in several parts due to technical or logistical reasons.

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