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Cat furniture for big cats

Are you looking for cat furniture for big cats? Then you’ve come to the right place! As humans we spend our life in a ‘horizontal’ world, indoor cats however spend their life preferably ‘vertical’! This can have many different reasons but is mainly due to their natural instinct to be alone and use a higher place to keep an eye out. Cats are, in contract to dogs, very reluctant. They prefer looking down on others, this is only manageable if you have a high cat tree. Another reason why cats like to climb to the highest point is that it can be a form of status for them. If u are lucky to have more than one cat, most of the times the one that is in the highest spot is the most dominant cat.

Big cats like big cat furniture

Big cats need big furniture. It offers them the necessary mental and physical stimulation needed to make them happy and satisfied. For example, Maine Coons are a beautiful big breed but do need an environment to relax just like small cats. But they can also be incredibly playful and they can have lots of energy.

The series “THE REBELS” or “LUCKY BASTARDS” are amazing examples of strong and firm models that are especially made for bigger cats! If you have more than one cat it is important to have several platforms so each cat can mark it’s own territory. More dominant cats will position themselves higher than more submissive cats. Having bigger cat furniture can help decreasing physical confrontations between cats. For the more shy cats it can offer an environment where they can withdraw and feel safe. Once cats get used to there big paradise you will have trouble with getting them out, they quickly become attached to their new surroundings.

It can help, particularly in the beginning, to keep your new cat furniture away from any windows because sudden movement can scare your cat. What also helps is using the walking route of your cat for the ideal place to put your cat furniture, the cat will notice it faster and release feromones on it. Cats don’t always like sharing their private space with others, thats why a cat tree with several floors can offer the perfect solution. Your cats will feel happier now that they have their ‘own’ area. An example of a cat tree that has several different places to escape of relax is the ‘PANORAMA 188 de Luxe’, it has got lots of hanging platforms, beds and cottages.

Cat furniture from Petrebels will last many years so investing in a strong and robust cat tree is incredibly important! Almost all cat trees from Petrebels for big cats are designed with Sisal stems for their natural habit to grind their nails.

What is the best cat furniture for big cats?
Because you have a big cat there are certain types of cat furniture that are specifically made to fulfill the needs of bigger cats that might interest you. Try to prevent choosing furniture with small seats, this can be uncomfortable for your cat. Big relaxing areas will make your cat feel safe. The majority of cats loves to lean onto objects when they relax.

Big and luxurious cat furniture from Petrebels is safe and firm. Safe because they are very stable, they barely move when the cat jumps from platform to platform. If you have children, let them know the furniture is only for the cats and that they should leave the cats alone when they are relaxing. It is very important that your cat won’t feel stressed or bullied when the kids are playing.

One other important thing for cats…. sleep! Cats can sleep like no other, they can sleep up to 16 hours a day! The ‘SKYLINE 185 DELUXE’ is a cat tree with nice hammocks for a lovely nap. Older cats will probably find the relaxing areas more important, this is something to take into consideration when buying cat furniture.

Big cat furniture can be very dangerous if it is not designed correctly, accidents have to be prevented so make sure you have stability.

Scratching furniture for big cats

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