Climbing trees for cats

If you come from the UK, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany or Scandinavia, you know the weather is not always favorable. It might be that because of the bad weather your cat will stay inside more. Therefore Petrebels advises you to have a thorough climbing cat tree in your house.

Climbing tree

Cats love to climb, they love it so much you can sometimes even find them hanging on your closet or lamp. This causes many different problems that can easily be fixed with a Cat tree from Petrebels. Petrebels cat trees offer the perfect environment for your special friend to climb in. You don’t need to spend enormous amounds of money to create a space in which your cat can relax and play. Luckily you only have to search through our website to find the perfect climbing tree that fits within your budget. If you look at the ‘Charlotte 134’, ‘Victoria 125’ or the ‘Catherina 120’ for example, you can see that you can find a good and stable climbing tree for a honest price.

Climbing trees in all shapes and sizes

Petrebels has got a large assortment of climbing trees in all shapes and sizes. Navigate immediately to the right category:

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