Cat trees with cottages

As you may know, your cat is your boss. Some say, a dog has a owner but a cat has staff. Your cat will let you know they are the king or queen in the house, but let’s be honest, it can be very annoying when you are relaxing in your chair and you cat decides te conquer it. The perfect sollution for this problem is a cat tree with a cottage, your Rebel will have an own kingdom so he won’t disturbe your rest anymore. That’s why Petrebels offers a broad collection of cat trees with a cottage or as we call it, a sleeping cave.

Cat trees with tiny house

We have a large selection of trees that fulfill these needs. Our most popular models are the ‘Victoria 125’ and the ‘Maxima 175’, they are handmade and designed with care, perfect for the average height cat. When you are looking for something bigger in your house that makes your cat look like a real diva, we advise you to look ar the ‘Skyline 185 de Luxe’ and the ‘Vista 180’. Petrebelss’ sleeping caves are a valuable addition to the life of your cat and offer the perfect place to play and relax without leaving hairs all around the house.

The only disadvantage is that your Rebel might fall in love with his sleeping cave so you will need to search for him all day.

Cat trees with cottages in all shapes and sizes

Petrebels has got a large assortment of Cat trees with cottages in all shapes and sizes. Navigate immediately to the right category:

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