Big cat towers for your cats

Sometimes your cats need more space to release all of their bottled up energy, that’s why a big cat tower is the perfect addition to your house. At Petrebels we recommend a few of our biggest and highest cat trees that are not only suitable for Maine Coons, but also for real REBELS!

Big cat towers

Big cat trees are mostly delivered with seperate platforms in which your cat can climb, jump and stay active without harming themselves. The safety of your furry friend is our number one priority, that’s why all of our XL models are build to stay strong and firm at all times. A big cat tree or tower offers quite a bit of entertainment for yourself and your cat, nothing is more fun for an owner than to see your cat having the time of its life. Here are a few of our favorite big Petrebels models. Click on the pictures for more information, it will direct you to the specific information for each product.

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