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New film-shoot

february 2021,

Last weekend it was time again. Time to make new photos and films with Mr. Rebel. We filmed for 2 days in 2 abandoned factory buildings in Veghel. Besides a lot of fun and laughter, it was again a huge challenge to make a cool film with 12 cats. Did we succeed? We are busy editing all the film material but we have every confidence in it. The films are expected at the beginning of March...

Grand opening

30-8-2019, Schijndel

Petrebels has moved to a larger warehouse and a larger showroom. Due to the growth Petrebels has experienced over the past two years, the old warehouse had become too small and therefore a larger warehouse had to be found. There should be also a big showroom. More and more people want to see, feel and test the scratching post.

Of course this had to be celebrated with a real rebel party. About 160 people attended and enjoyed a serious Rebels-grill while enjoying a drink and listening to the the Screaming Billy band. All invited guests could see the new building and the newest collection 2019-2020.


1-10-2018, Netherlands

Petrebels was last week for 2 times at National Television. RTL 4 program Lifestyle Experience contacted Petrebels to ask if we could give more information about cats and their behaviour. The results...check it down here

Interzoo 2018

05-06-2018 Nürnberg, PETREBELS was, last month, at the world's largest international pet trade fair called Interzoo in Germany. Petrebels was clearly present and had arranged a Baristo in the form of a TukTuk and everyone could sing as much as they wanted at their Karaoke bar ... must be something fun to visit the purple booth ...

The exhibition lasted 4 days and we received an enormeous quantity of  REBELS from more than 60 countries. At the Interzoo Petrebels presented the latest collection for autumn 2018 and spring 2019. "It was a great week with wonderful Rebel customers from home and abroad.", said Dennis Steenbakkers, end boss of Petrebels.

See the aftermovie below:

Petrebels to BELGIUM

27-12-2017 Belgium,

Just at the end of 2017, PETREBELS has signed an agreement with a Belgian wholesaler who is specialized in high quality products. They will be PETREBELS- Dealer starting at the 1st of January 2018. During this month the first Belgian Pet Stores will be delivered and Belgium will slowly start to turn purple :).

At the local pet show “ANIDO” at Kortrijk, big range of Petrebels products will be exhibited for all Belgium shops. The Petrebels team would therefore like to welcome you and will provide the necessary information about the entire product range.

Belgium is the 14th country with a dealer for Petrebels and was on the wish list of Dennis and Detlef (founders of Petrebels) for a long time. “Belgium may be a small country but we know that there are many professional pet shops that we would like to make Purple.” Says Dennis from Petrebels. “We are therefore very pleased with this move to our southern neighbours and have great confidence that, after the Netherlands, Belgium will also quickly become acquainted with the quality and innovation of Petrebels.”

Belgian retailers who are already desirous for more information can e-mail us at

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With a slight sense of recognition, the indoor hunter looks outside through the window. He or she wants to go out but cannot. But, it can also be very adventurous inside the house. With some great toys and a provocative scratching post within reach, the indoor hunter likes to release his instincts. Oh, by the way, a power nap will be sufficient to recover.

The outdoor hunter does not want to miss out on any adventure. His or her action mode is action mode is always on stand by. The outdoor hunter strikes out every day and every night. Home is just a place to relax, eat and get some attention. When the battery is recharged. the next adventure will be waiting.

This is not your average cat you can deal with without putting velvet gloves on. He or she sharpens their nails all day long. Scratching is a party for this animal. He or she would preferably do it the whole day and regularly stretches horizontally and vertically. Meowww.

This sleeping beauty can be called lazy rather tan tired. (S)he loves to crawl up and against anything and to cuddle a lot. Without all of this (s)he will shamelessly stretch out and settle anywhere. Its biggest hobby is sleeping of course. Sweet dreams…