You can admire these scratching posts at home!

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A scratching post should be good for your cat. But the scratching post also has to look good and match your interior. You can admire these three scratching posts in your own living room. Very convenient!

If you have a cat – or several – you need a scratching post. Scratching something is good for cats and makes them happy. Cats spend a lot of time in a good scratching post with all the comforts. After all, they can do everything with it – they can scratch, climb, play and sleep in it. That is why almost all cat owners put the scratching post in the living room.

A cat tree should match your interior

But then of course it is also important that you – cat owner – are happy with the scratching post. And that it matches the colours of your interior. Therefore, our scratching posts are made according to the latest trends. Our design team of course always looks carefully at all the functions of a scratching post, but also at the shape. So you can choose from large, medium or small scratching posts. And scratching posts with round shapes or tight lines.

Cat trees in the latest trend colours

All our scratching furniture is made in different colours of plush – in off white, cream, grey, pepper and cappuccino. And the colour of the sisal rope or carpet is also carefully matched to the plush. This way, a collection of scratching posts is created which fits every living style – with tough and industrial, with airy and Scandinavian, with modern and rural for example.

See our scratching posts in real life

Because we think it is important that you are really happy with your purchase, we show our products in the best possible way in our web shop. Therefore, we do not only make photos and videos of our scratching furniture, but you can also view the scratching furniture in 3D – so you can admire our products from every angle. Do you prefer to see a scratching post in real life? In our showroom in Schijndel you can see, feel and even test all our scratching posts and scratching furniture.

But we have something else for you!

With Augmented Reality you can see how a scratching furniture looks in your home!

A large part of our scratching furniture you can now view with Augmented Reality. This means that you can see how the scratching post will look in your living room (or any other room) on your mobile phone or tablet.

How it works (on your desktop):

  • Click on ‘See product in 3D’ in the photo
  • Click on ‘See in Augmented Reality
  • A QR Code will appear on the screen
  • Open the camera on your mobile phone or tablet
  • Point your camera at the QR Code
  • Open the link that appears at the top
  • Follow the instructions on your mobile or tablet

How it works (on your phone):

  • Go to any of our products.
  • Click on ‘See product in 3D’ in the photo
  • Click on ‘See in Augmented Reality

Successful? Then you can see exactly how the scratching furniture looks in your home!

Have fun shopping!

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