Cattalk | Mandy and her cats Miley, Lizzy and Bohdi

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Mandy and her cats Miley, Lizzy and Bohdi

Mandy (27) from Limburg lives with her Ragdolls Lizzy and Bohdi and European shorthair cat Miley on a farm near Leiden. Here she talks about her unconditional love for animals. And how she once almost lost Miley.

How, where and with whom do you live?

I was born and raised in Limburg, but have been living in a village near Leiden for almost four years now. It’s beautiful here, because I live on a farm, by the water, in the middle of nature and between the meadows. Wonderfully quiet!

I moved here with my cats Nola and Miley (indeed, named after Miley Cyrus) and long-haired Chihuahua Bentley. I took Miley in seven years ago as a buddy for Bentley – then he wouldn’t be so alone when I was off to work.

‘That was my best choice ever, because they’re still very close to each other.’

Meanwhile, my family expanded with another long-haired Chihuahua and Ragdoll kittens Lizzy and Bohdi of 6 months. So it is very cozy here at home!

What does a typical day with you and your cats look like?

I am usually woken up by the kittens. Bohdi likes to play with my feet very much because. I always greet all my animals with sweet words, a kiss and a stroke. And of course good food. And when I have had breakfast myself I let the dogs out.


Then I walk the kittens. Because they are pedigree cats I don’t want them to go outside alone, so I am practicing walking them with a harness on. After the walk they can play in the garden with the dogs, chickens and kittens of my neighbors Rob and Tessa. Meanwhile Miley goes her own way.

My favorite moment is when they get dinner in the evening. Then all five of them sit in the kitchen waiting for me. I find that so cozy! And when I go to bed, they all go back to their own place or basket for a beauty sleep.

So the cats are not allowed to go out alone?

Miley does, she walks in and out all day. But the little ones only under supervision or on a long leash. I’m planning on making a catio, because I don’t think I’ll ever like leaving them outside alone. Then they can go out whenever they want and I’m not so worried about them.


I try to keep Miley inside at night now, by the way, because she is suddenly so good at hunting that she brings me presents. Mice. Usually they are dead, but sometimes they are still alive. And I am scared to death of them!

Where do they sleep?

At night, Bohdi sleeps next to me on my pillow and Lizzy and Miley are at my foot end snoring. During the day I run into them everywhere. And with the arrival of the two kittens I thought it was high time for a good scratching post. I even bought two.

First I bought the scratching post Maine 90 and later the Panorama 188 De Luxe. Both in the color cappuccino which looks great with my interior. And the cats are very happy with it too! They all have their own place to play and can rest on a high spot and still keep an eye on everything.


Tell us a little more about the characters of your cats.

Miley is very stubborn and a real boss. But she is very affectionate and comes to me every day for hugs. She first studies visitors extensively and when she feels comfortable with them, she comes to greet them. She likes to go outside, but most of the time she is snoring on my bed.

Bohdi is the only male and really the man of the house. But also a real teddy bear. He always gives me kisses (licks) on my forehead, eyes and cheeks. He is a real Rebel – likes to scare me, is not afraid of anything and a real little eater.

‘Bohdi eats everything and always eats the scraps of the other cats!’

Lizzy is also a real cuddler. And she follows me everywhere. Outside she is just like a dog – she walks very well on a leash. And if she is on the loose and I call her, she immediately comes running to me. So sweet!

Have you ever lost a cat?

Yes Miley, and that was really awful. I was still living in my apartment at the time and a roommate had left a window open when I wasn’t home. Miley then fell down from three stories up and was taken to a shelter by the animal ambulance. But I didn’t find out until the next day. She had broken a foot and a torn lip. I felt so incredibly bad about that. But ooooh, how happy I was to have my girl back!


That you love your cats is very obvious! What makes them so special to you?

I love animals very much anyway – you get so much unconditional love from them. I find that very magical. And cats are mysterious, clever, agile, sometimes clumsy and above all incredibly sweet. I think they are wonderful animals!

Mandy’s Ragdoll kittens need a place where they can climb and rest safely. She has three cats and wants there to be plenty of room for everyone to scratch. That’s why Mandy bought two scratching posts: classic scratching post Maine 90 [1] and scratching furniture Panorama 188 De Luxe [2]. Both in the warm color cappuccino and nice and sturdy. 

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